EHHS girls' soccer: strong defense is not enough

By Evan Pajer - Staff Writer
East Hartford - posted Thu., Oct. 4, 2012
EHHS girls' soccer head coach Courtney Moore reacts to a goal by South Windsor. Photos by Evan Pajer.
EHHS girls' soccer head coach Courtney Moore reacts to a goal by South Windsor. Photos by Evan Pajer.

On a rainy night when many in Connecticut stayed indoors, Cassie Quattropani of East Hartford High School's varsity girls' soccer team was busy. Almost immediately after the first kick in the Oct. 3 game against South Windsor, SWHS launched a powerhouse offense that got the ball past the midfield line and kept it there. Quattropani, the East Hartford’s goalkeeper, spent the first half of the game making save after save against shots on goal by South Windsor forward Christine Allard.

South Windsor had near-total control of the ball that half, consistently winning 50/50s and bringing East Hartford's offensive attempts to a halt. Their offense, led by Allard, managed to keep the ball past East Hartford's midfield for the vast majority of the half, with the only break in their control coming from a power play by East Hartford midfielder Emily Burr, who managed to lead a push that led to several shots on goal by East Hartford, none of them scoring.

South Windsor pushed back off a throw-in, and continued to control the ball. A strong defense, led by Quattropani and East Hartford defender Michela Hunt, stopped any further goals by South Windsor that half, but the damage to the team's momentum was already done. South Windsor ended the first half 2-0, with their side of the bleachers cheering.

The second half began with an immediate third goal by Allard, followed by the same control game that South Windsor displayed in the first half. Quattropani and Hunt continued to put up a strong defense, but it was not enough to stop South Windsor from scoring two more goals. East Hartford's offense continued to fight back, but only made two more pushes and a handful of missed shots on goal. Just like the first half, most of the game happened past East Hartford's midfield.

The 0-5 loss brings East Hartford's record to 2 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws. Courtney Moore, the team's head coach, said the team will be focusing on “maintaining our possession of the ball and winning 50/50s.” Moore added that the team has a “very short bench” and that the team is “trying to develop a lot of players.”

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