Perfect season for Bacon Academy soccer

By Jason Harris - Staff Writer
Colchester - posted Mon., Nov. 12, 2012
(L-r) Varsity soccer captains Chadd Ferro, Zach Slomski and Conner McHugh, with Bacon Academy coach Kevin Storton.
(L-r) Varsity soccer captains Chadd Ferro, Zach Slomski and Conner McHugh, with Bacon Academy coach Kevin Storton.

The Bacon Academy varsity soccer team has had a perfect season during the current school year, going 16-0 in regular-season play and putting themselves in good position for the play-offs, which started this past weekend.

“It’s the first perfect season in Bacon’s history,” said coach Kevin Storton. “It was a massive achievement for these guys.”

Storton said the game plan for the season was to just play hard and be as competitive as the team could be in every game. “It was never a real objective at the start of the season,” the coach said. “It worked very nicely so far.”

Storton is the third coach for the varsity team in three years. Chadd Ferro, one of the three varsity team captains, said that when Storton got the job the team didn’t know what to expect after the previous “rocky season,” which he attributed to the style of coaching of the previous coaches. That coach’s style "didn’t fit the style of our team,” Ferro said. He added that the previous coach emphasized chasing and trying to get up the field as much as possible, but Storton changed it up and the team has benefited from that.

“We started working throughout the season, and everything he’s done has worked for us,” Ferro said. “We couldn’t ask for a better coach at this point right now.”

Zach Slomski, one of the other team captains, said that Storton and the team bonded right away. “He told us what he wanted to accomplish during the season,” Slomski said. “We all got really excited when he told us he wanted to see good results from us.”

The team’s third captain, Connor McHugh, said the main thing the coach did was motivate the team.

Under Storton's tutelage, the team has seen more ball possessions and is creating more opportunities, passing two or three times, for combination plays. His team strategy is “more technical, as opposed to physical,” Storton said, since his team isn’t as big or as strong as some of the competition.

Storton said his coaching style for the past 10 years is one he adapted when he learned how to play soccer in his native country of England. “When I came into Bacon, I could see that these guys had the potential, the ability and the motivation and the dedication to want to improve,” Storton said. “For me as a coach, it was a perfect combination.”

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