Seniors vie for title of Mr. GHS in annual pageant

By Janice Steinhagen - Staff Writer
Griswold - posted Mon., Nov. 26, 2012
Contestants in the Mr. GHS pageant strut their stuff in the show's opening number. Photos by Janice Steinhagen.
Contestants in the Mr. GHS pageant strut their stuff in the show's opening number. Photos by Janice Steinhagen.

Two dozen Griswold High School senior boys who were clearly willing to go a little over the top for a good cause competed Nov. 20 for the title Mr. GHS. The pageant, now in its 14th year, serves as a fundraiser for the class, helping seniors defray the expenses of their graduation year.

A panel of four faculty members judged the entrants on the cleverness and originality of their thumbnail biographies, their energy and enthusiasm, and their ability to energize the audience. Contestants appeared in casual wear, swimwear and “evening wear” (which ran the gamut from a formal suit to pajama pants to a ladies’ negligee) and were also expected to perform in the talent segment, alone or in a group.

The talents, too, ranged far and wide: Beau Houatchanthara, Mr. Beau-tiful, set up a camera to project his card tricks onto a big screen for the crowd. Two entrants did a “dancing midgets” routine, and another, Horshu Patel, donned a sumo-ballerina costume to cavort onstage. One quintet wore strings of blue light on black costumes and a dark stage to simulate dancing blue “gingerbread man” shapes. A group billing itself as Green Man Group provided a grand finale, pounding on plastic-covered drums filled with paint and splashing paint all over themselves in the process. Rapper Mr. Lethal Mic, Michael Delamater, had the crowd on its feet and won the talent award for the night.

“Where the heck did he get that talent?” asked his grandmother, Bea Delamater, during the intermission. “No wonder it was a lot of rehearsals. They were all good. I’d hate to be a judge. I’d vote for them all. They kept me entertained.”

Actually, the crowd did get to be judges, as popular votes were factored into the contest results. Also considered was a series of questions posed to the five finalists by the panel of judges. “Convince me why we should allow cell phones in school,” queried judge Matthew Peel.

Another judge posed the question, “If you could marry any one of the Disney princesses, which one would it be and why?”

The winner was Mr. Jamaica Me Crazy, Jermaine Frazer-Phillips, who participated in a redneck-theme comedy skit with Mr. Super Sam Man, Sam Finley.

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