Residents offer their thoughts on armed security in schools

By Janice Steinhagen - Staff Writer
Region - posted Mon., Jan. 14, 2013
Rick LaFlamme, Griswold
Rick LaFlamme, Griswold

Last week, the ReminderNews asked local residents a question that has been on everyone's mind lately: "What are your thoughts about recent proposals to provide armed staff or armed security officers in schools in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy?" What follows is some of their answers:

“I’m a gun owner myself… [but] I don’t think arming guards or arming staff is going to solve any of the problems going on. I believe it’s an issue of security, and of the generation that’s [coming after] us. Instead of being more respectful, they’re becoming more selfish. You see 30- or 40-year-olds opening doors for older people, but not younger kids. It’s out of control, and I think that’s due to video games, television and idolizing sports stars.” - Rick LaFlamme, Griswold

“I think it’s fine. You can’t go anywhere lately. You can’t go to the mall, you can’t go to the movies. It was terrible what happened at that school. Having good guys around knowing what they’re doing is fine.” - Brendan LaRose, Griswold

“At my son’s school they have [an armed security officer] already. I think they do need something. These days you never know – a teacher could break and do the same thing. But I’m kind of conflicted about it.” - Layne Bleu, Taftville

“I’m thinking more like schools having metal detectors that you walk through, and somebody with a wand. Sure, why not? I used to do security. [Having armed guards] could actually provide a weapon that somebody could take. This way, you can make sure that nothing gets into that school.” - Vikki Davis, Plainfield

“I believe there should be something in the schools, one person at least [who is armed]. I have granddaughters in school in that grade [of most of the Sandy Hook child victims]. There’s got to be changes, but where? That’s what we’ve got to decide.” - Bob Davis, Taftville

“Yes, definitely. I would have said no before. [Newtown] is a small town. Who would have though this would happen there? That proves that it could happen anywhere. We have to protect our children, and if that’s what it takes [I’m for it]. But it’s really too bad.” - Linda Demanuel, Jewett City

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