Opera House set to perform 'Hairspray'

By Colin Rajala - Staff Writer
East Windsor - posted Fri., Feb. 1, 2013
Catherine Joseph as Tracy Turnblad shows her intensity during the dodgeball scene of 'Hairspray.' Photo contributed by Siara Bates. - Contributed Photo

The bright lights, flashy colors, bold sounds and big hair of the big theaters of Broadway are making their way to Main Street in East Windsor at the Broad Brook Opera House. The Opera House Players are kicking off their 2013 season with the ever-popular musical, "Hairspray."

“We have such a talented cast, they are beautiful-to-watch people on stage, and they are beautiful people to be with off stage,” said Becky Beth Benedict, the show’s director. “They have a great attitude, and work ethic paired with the talent on stage couldn’t be any better. Their rehearsals have been like watching a child grow; it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, look, my baby can walk, my baby can run, my baby can dance,’ so it’s very exciting. The challenging part for me will be when I have to let my baby go and take a step back.”

The musical is set in the early 1960s and tells the story of Baltimore teen Tracy Turnblad, played by Catherine Joseph. Her only desire is to dance and perform on the popular “Corny Collins Show.” After breaking her mother’s rules while making her dream come true, she turns from a social outcast into a celebrity overnight. Surrounded by the fun, excitement, glitz and glamour of her recent stardom, Turnblad aims to integrate and assimilate a TV network, while overcoming the reigning Teen Queen and winning the love of teen heart throb Link Larkin.

The musical shows the difficulties of societal stereotypes and promotes the acceptance of people rather than the package that they come in. "Hairspray" acts as a social commentary on the injustices and divides of the American culture during the Civil Rights movement. The Opera House Players’ performance is full of playful and catchy tunes that will have you singing along, as well as some dance numbers that are sure to make your knees bounce, not to mention some hilarious one-liners along the way.

“Watching Tracy succeed, watching Edna succeed, watching Penny succeed in the story, I wanted to give the audience permission to let their light shine,” Benedict said. “Don’t be afraid let it out, be all that you can be. It sounds incredibly cliché but it’s the true heart of the show.”

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.smplayers.homestead.com or call 860-292-6068.

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