Elmer Thienes Elementary students' artwork showcased

By Jason Harris - Staff Writer
Marlborough - posted Mon., Feb. 4, 2013
Students' artwork on the walls of Town Hall. Photos by Jason Harris.
Students' artwork on the walls of Town Hall. Photos by Jason Harris.

More than 25 pieces of students' artwork from Elmer Thienes Elementary School are on display at Marlborough Town Hall until Feb. 25.

Fourth-grader Jenna said she is excited to have a piece in the annual exhibit for the first time. "I really like art," she said, noting that she enjoys being creative.

Andrew, also in fourth grade, and second-grader Abigail are also exhibiting for the first time in the program that includes artwork from students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Art teacher Denise Ketterer said the exhibit at Town Hall, which has been going on for several years, began as her idea. After the first year, the Marlborough Arts Center took over the scheduling of it, letting her know what month or months the Town Hall would be available to display the students' work.

Ketterer makes the final selection of the artwork, but students assist in the selection process, talking about their pieces and how one may be better than another for the show, she said. She then prepares and hangs the selected pieces at Town Hall.

As part of the program, students first study the artwork of master artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Georges Seurat. Contemporary artist Calvin Nicholls, who is a paper sculpturist, is one of their favorites because he is still creating art. "We go online and check the Internet to see what his artwork looks like, what it is selling for and how he does it," Ketterer said. "Then the kids try it."

Some of the pieces in the art show are based on Nicholls’s art. “They took the bull by the horns and they dove in,” Ketterer said.

Andrew said he likes doing art because it has a lot to do with how a person feels.

Of the exhibition, Jenna said, “It’s a way not to brag about it, but just to show it.”

Some of the students take the lessons they learn in art class outside the classroom. Abigail explained how she had taken some tin foil, folded it in half and used a sharp point to make designs in the foil. Afterward, she used markers to color in some of the spaces. “I did it at home just for fun to see how it would turn out,” Abigail said.

The Town Hall is located at 26 North Main St.

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