Spring semester to begin soon at 'The Rock'

By Joan Hunt - ReminderNews Managing Editor
Rockville - posted Thu., Feb. 21, 2013
Spring semester starts March 15 at ‘The Rock’ at Rockville Church of the Nazarene, with warm meals and Kids Church services on Friday nights. Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

Todd Schneider, director of “The Rock” at Rockville Church of the Nazarene, wants to invite families and children to take part in their ongoing program and also to reach out to those looking for a great volunteer opportunity. “The Rock” serves more than 100 children in the downtown Rockville community. One part of that mission is to provide a warm meal and Kids Church service on Friday nights from September to December and from March to June.

Most of the children are picked up in 15 passenger vans, and many of the parents come as well to participate in adult support groups. “The Rock” also does home visitations two times per month to all of the 40-plus families that participate, checking on the kids and making sure that the families do not have any important needs that aren’t being met. The consistent home visits are something that makes “The Rock” unique.

The group tries to help with food, clothing and support in any way it can and also refers families to other local organizations that may be in a better position to help with certain needs.

The staff at “The Rock” consists of approximately 25 adults, all volunteers, who are committed to helping children and families “break the cycle” that holds so many of them back. Some of the volunteers have grown up through “The Rock” and are now giving back. Many of the staff spend time with the kids outside of “The Rock” and have begun including them in their families.

“We desire to help as many families and children as we possibly can in any way we possibly can,” said Schneider. “Plans in the future include food distribution on a larger, more consistent level, tutoring programs after school and parenting support and help, as well as clothing distribution locally and beyond Rockville. Call Schneider at 860-331-9167 or e-mail him at toddandhillary@gmail.com for more information.

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