Photographer brings local nature scenes to Pinney Art Gallery

By Jennifer Coe - ReminderNews
Suffield - posted Thu., Mar. 14, 2013
Photographer Heather Conley speaks with a fan of her work. Photos by Jennifer Coe.
Photographer Heather Conley speaks with a fan of her work. Photos by Jennifer Coe.

One might find photographer Heather Conley shooting pictures inside of a classy hotel or a modern, sleek fitness center, but her favorite place to capture a still shot will always be right in her own backyard. In her new Suffield Arts Council gallery show, “Out My Window,” now on display at the Pinney Art Gallery inside the Kent Memorial Library, you will find easily recognizable scenes. Tobacco barns from Windsor, barns and farms from Suffield, a perched heron and a stunning sunset - all of Conley’s photos are from local sites.

“I have always loved nature,” Conley said. “It really grounds me.”

As you look at the scenes on display, you may wonder how she finds such striking images that the average local misses on their morning commute to work. “I am usually drawn in by the shot,” said Conley. “In the fall, I have my camera with me all the time.”

Conley loves living in New England and is a Connecticut native. She began pursuing her interest in photography about six years ago, taking pictures of nature, wildlife, flowers, birds and insects. And now that she has gone professional, and her subjects are more varied, she still enjoys leaning back on nature as her first inspiration. “Living in the woods and on the river, there is no shortage of subjects,” she said.

“I do field trips with myself,” she said, and added that there are days when she “goes out on foot” to find a scene to shoot. Birds play a large role in leading her to beautiful scene to photograph. “That’s part of my inspiration,” she said. “I am a big bird watcher.”

Conley was in the corporate world until 2009, when she opened up her own photo studio in Suffield. She has worked in graphic design, public relations and sales, but found her happiness in photography. She is active in Suffield as a member of the Technology Committee in the Chamber of Commerce.

Many people came out to her show’s opening on March 7 despite the snowy weather threatening the roads. Conley met with them all and talked with many.

“I felt fantastic about the show,” said Conley. “I felt so blessed.”

Conley’s work will be on display in the Pinney Art Gallery until March 28. For more information, visit

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