Creation event to discuss reconciling with science

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer
Vernon - posted Wed., May. 1, 2013
Dr. Terry Mortenson will discuss science and creationism at Vernon Center Middle School on May 11. Courtesy photos. - Contributed Photo

Discussions of faith and science often result in debate, but a conference aimed at explaining how science and faith are totally compatible is coming to Vernon on May 11.

The event is being held by the Creation Coalition of Connecticut at Vernon Center Middle School, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Drew Crandall of the Northeast Christians At Work – of which the coalition is a part – said the Creation Science Conference is really a “hybrid of music, dramatic arts and science.”

Throughout the day, vendors displays and food and beverages will be available in the cafeteria. Musical group “Brothers Who Love the Lord” is an eight-piece band that will perform Christian music during the event.

Dramatic artist/actor Marquis Laughlin will perform a one-man piece in which he quotes much of the book of Genesis, and acts out scenes. “It's very powerful,” Crandall said. “It's almost like thousands of years ago when scriptures were passed on verbally, instead of in print.”

As the keynote section of the event, Dr. Terry Mortenson will be doing three different presentations in the auditorium, which is intended to discuss and reconcile scientific data and biblical stories. The talks are called “Creation vs. Evolution – Why it Matters,” “Millions of Years: Where did the idea come from?” and “Dinosaurs: Have You Been Brainwashed?”

“There's an amazing reservoir of scientific information that synchronizes with a Judeo-Christian world view of how we got here, or where we come from,” Crandall said. “In the first couple of chapters of Genesis, it describes the creation process. You don't have to leave your brain at the door to believe in creation. Believing in divine creation is a legitimate, intellectually feasible view of how we got here, and that indeed, when you look at the hard science, the evidence of the biblical view of creation is actually stronger than the evidence of evolution,” he said.

Crandall said, as one example, there is much geological evidence of the great flood described in the Bible. “If you think of Noah, the ark and the flood and the geological evidence around the world,” Crandall said, “there is more evidence of that being scientific fact than of ignoring the flood. The flood really puts so much of geology together that it's really like the lightbulb going on.”

Mortenson's presentations will be followed by question and answer periods.

The event is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is encouraged, as space is limited.

For a complete event schedule and registration link, visit


Lying is unchristian

"...when you look at the hard science, the evidence of the biblical view of creation is actually stronger than the evidence of evolution,”

Either you're willfully ignorant or lying. Either way - not very christian.

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