Cardboard City helps MCC students feel plight of homeless

By Phyllis Gail - ReminderNews
Manchester - posted Wed., May. 1, 2013
Cameron Ferris, Nick Norstrom, Brittany Allison, Vincent Chirizo, Jenny Nunes and Joe O’Dierna took part. Photo by professor Lucy Anne Hurston. - Contributed Photo

Sociology students at MCC got a lesson in building a city made of boxes on April 24, but that wasn’t the only lesson to be learned from the experience. 

According to sociology professor Lucy Anne Hurston, the project, entitled Cardboard City, also raises awareness of homelessness.  Hurston teaches this same curriculum each semester to her Sociology 101 students as part of her lesson on hunger, homelessness and poverty.

The students spend most of daylight constructing the structure, and then spend the night in it Unfortunately, April 24 was a beautiful, 70 degree weather day, which the professor said was a disadvantage, because the students would not get a feel for being homeless in less mild conditions.

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