Ms. Connecticut Senior America crowned at local event

By Jennifer Coe - ReminderNews
Enfield - posted Mon., May. 6, 2013
The new Ms. Connecticut Senior America is Ruth Harcovitz. Harcovitz was crowned on April 28. Photo courtesy of Bob Bond. - Contributed Photo

On Sunday, April 28, Ms. Connecticut Senior America was crowned in an event held at the Holiday Inn in Enfield. Ruth Harcovitz was chosen by the Connecticut organization to represent the state at the national competition in the fall of 2013.

Harcovitz has had a long history in the pageant world, winning the Miss Boston crown in 1972. She is a strong supporter of the Miss America organization and has had a very fulfilling career as an opera singer. She had not competed in the recent years until someone approached her about the possibility.

“I was out singing in the Springfield [Mass.] area and a woman came up to me and said, ‘I think you’d be a good contestant for the Ms. Senior America pageant,’” she said. Harcovitz went on to compete in the Miss Massachusetts Senior pageant this past fall, but came up short by one point, landing her in the first runner-up position. Disappointed, Harcovitz was thrilled when yet another woman affiliated with the organization approached her to ask her to be the candidate-at-large representing Connecticut.

Due to the fact that the Connecticut program did not have an executive director until recently, it has gone pageant-less for two years, deeming a candidate-at-large necessary both years.

Harcovitz was beyond thrilled to accept the opportunity.

On April 28, many gathered to hear Harcovitz present her talent; a song called “Voices of Spring” (a waltz by Strauss), and in Italian, no less. She also described her philosophy of life, as many candidates have had to do before her.

“Wake up each morning with a song in your heart,” Harcovitz said of her personal outlook. “A song of gratitude for all the gifts you have been given. When adversity comes your way, accentuate the positive, share your talents, bring out the best in others, be as generous as you can, live every day to the fullest, for the best times are now,” she said.

During the ceremony, Enfield Mayor Scott Kaupin read a proclamation to the crowd honoring what was designated “Ms. Connecticut Senior America Pageant Day.” He saluted “senior women that represent the positive image of aging,” and the pageant’s efforts to “exemplify dignity, maturity, inner beauty and talent so of America’s senior women.”

“The purpose of the pageant is to showcase the abilities of the older women – to be a role model for older women,” said Harcovitz. “This pageant combats the image of older women in the media – to be a role model to younger people and to show what older women can do,” she said.

State Director Joyce Keating says Harcovitz is the right choice to represent the Nutmeg state and explained that the “candidate-at-large is chosen by our committee to represent the state when we do not have a pageant. Ruth possesses all the qualities.”

Designed for women at the “age of elegance,” said Keating, the pageant’s winners and runners-up perform at community events, nursing homes and other places where they can “inspire others to get active.”

Harcovitz has performed and recorded with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, both in Boston’s Symphony Hall and in Carnegie Hall. She is currently the president of the New England Conservatory Alumni Association.

“These women are not sitting in rocking chairs,” she said. “They are rocking!”

The national competition will be in the fall of 2013 in Atlantic City, N.J.

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