Fund hopes to provide athletic prosthetics for Boston victims

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Connecticut - posted Thu., May. 9, 2013
No Barriers wants to provide athletic prosthetics for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

With new information coming to light about the bombings at the Boston Marathon, people in Connecticut and around the country are searching for ways to help the many victims who are still recovering.

A Colorado-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization called No Barriers is partnering with MIT researcher Hugh Herr to establish the No Barriers Boston Fund, to provide athletic prosthetic limbs to those injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. Herr leads the field of rehabilitation scientists in designing cutting-edge prosthetics, and is himself a double-amputee athlete. No Barriers USA was co-founded by blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer in 2005 to work with people with many varying disabilities on learning to harness adversity and lead active and meaningful lives.

“These aren’t the passive prosthetic limbs we’re used to thinking of. It’s where science fiction meets reality,” said No Barriers Executive Director Dave Shurna, of the advanced adaptive technologies it plans to match with those who lost limbs in the Boston bombings.

“We build robots that attach to the body, that augment a person’s physicality,” said Herr. “It allows them to move again when they’re not able to move. These are bionic systems, to steal the Hollywood term.”

Designed to allow survivors to endeavor to accomplish whatever physical feats drive their own personal passions by funding advanced, athletic prosthetic limbs, the No Barriers Boston Fund recently launched, and so far has raised $18,000 toward its goal of $500,000. “We still have a long way to go to reach our goal to fully enable us to support these survivors, but it’s exciting to see the momentum building and to be part of changing lives in an unexpected way,” said Shurna.

Survivors or family members and close friends of survivors can learn about receiving support from the fund by filling out an Interest Form. A link to the form is available on the No Barriers Boston Fund webpage,

Those interested in supporting the fund also can visit to learn more, or go a step further, as the organization is suggesting. The site allows for supporters to set up their own fundraising pages to dedicate a race or event to supporting the fund. The sky is the limit, and positive impact is the inevitable result.

The mission of No Barriers USA is to unleash the potential of the human spirit.  Formed by Erik Weihenmayer and a group of friends and athletes who have a passion for recreation in the natural world, the organization was rooted in the assumption that each person, regardless of age, state of mind or physical condition, has a thirst for adventure and a hope for the future that is worthy of igniting.

No Barriers USA believes in authentic immersion experiences that push individuals outside of their comfort zones, challenging them intellectually, emotionally or physically. All of No Barriers’ current programs are centered on providing these challenging experiences for its community of participants and supporters, which includes veterans, youth and people of all ages with and without disabilities.

For more information on No Barriers, please visit

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