Healthy living promoted at East Hartford Wellness Fair

By Corey AmEnde - Staff Writer
East Hartford - posted Thu., Jun. 6, 2013
James Westberry gives Kimberly Bailey instructions for administering CPR on a child. Photos by Corey AmEnde.
James Westberry gives Kimberly Bailey instructions for administering CPR on a child. Photos by Corey AmEnde.

Kimberly Bailey stood under a shady tree at the Town Green on a hot June Saturday afternoon and listened intently as James Westberry demonstrated CPR techniques for use on children. Westberry held the child mannequin in his hands as he explained the steps in administering CPR to a child. He then handed the mannequin to Bailey to make sure she understood the concepts.

For Bailey, a mother of a 3-year-old boy and expecting her second child this summer, this wasn’t just a class - it was an opportunity to gain peace of mind. “It will help me to stay calm in emergency situations,” said Bailey.

The free CPR class was one of the events offered at the East Hartford Wellness Fair held on June 1 at the Town Green. The fair was presented by Eliza's Energy Source and was her first wellness fair in East Hartford in what she hopes will become an annual event. 

“It was a really great crowd,” said Eliza Kearse-Westberry. “Those that came out really wanted to be here and learn about health and wellness." Kearse-Westberry, the owner of Eliza's Energy Source, has been a business owner in East Hartford for more than 25 years and organized the event as a way to give back to the town.

“We have been doing wellness fairs for the past five years now, and we decided to take it a little bit to the next step from the employee sector to being out here in the community,” said Kearse-Westberry. The goal of the event was to promote healthy living and healthy choices through a variety of activities and vendors, including free screenings, educational materials, healthy products, cooking demonstrations and fitness demonstrations.

“Additionally, we hope that by attending the fair, people will learn more about the healing properties of holistic arts programs such as Reiki, reflexology, sound healing and massage therapy,” added Kearse-Westberry.

The wellness fair also offered a yoga class taught by MaryAnn Napoletano. She said yoga can have a positive affect on numerous aspects of your life. “I think it's good for your mind, body and spirit,” said Napoletano. “And you don't have to have special clothes. Yoga is accessible to just about everybody.” 

Kearse-Westberry said she takes a step-by-step approach to people who want to start living a healthier lifestyle. She said she’ll start simple by having the person take a walk. “After we walk we trot, and after we trot we run,” explained Kearse-Westberry. “And that’s a nice progression.”

Kearse-Westberry said the key to starting a work-out program is to do something that you enjoy doing – whether you like to dance or used to run, whatever it is, just get out and be active. “Don’t listen to anybody else, do what you need to do,” said Kearse-Westberry. “And it’s always good to exercise with a friend or a partner.”

If you’re planning to start exercising in the warm summer months, Kearse-Westberry suggests you stay hydrated, dress in layers, listen to your body, know what your limits are and set a goal. “Don’t think you can do it all at once; you can’t,” said Kearse-Westberry. “We have to take baby steps towards wellness. Don’t be ashamed if you backslide a little bit. It’s okay. Get back up, get back in there, it’s no big deal – you can always start again.”

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