Enfield police actively investigate bank robbery

By Calla Vassilopoulos - Staff Writer
Enfield - posted Thu., Jun. 13, 2013
Enfield Police Department crime statistics show a decrease in overall crime.
Enfield Police Department crime statistics show a decrease in overall crime.

The Enfield Police Department is investigating a bank robbery that took place at 1:50 p.m. on May 31, at the Sovereign Bank located at 800 Enfield St. “We have a photo circulating, but no leads yet,” said Deputy Police Chief Gary Collins.

The suspect is described as a 5'8” black or Hispanic male wearing a gray shirt, backwards baseball hat and dark pants. He allegedly gave the teller a note implying he had a gun, but did not brandish the weapon. Police responded and searched the area with K-9 officers.

“The detective division is actively working on it and we expect, like all serious cases, that we will keep working on it until we are able to identify who is responsible and make an arrest,” said Police Chief Carl Sferrazza on June 10. “Bank robberies aren't all that frequent in town, which is a good thing."

Occasionally, the city experiences multiple neighborhood burglaries, but typically it's one individual committing the crime. When police find the individual involved, it usually clears up 12 to 15 cases at once, the chief said.

According to Sferrazza, recent statistics reported a decrease in overall crime in the city, but he believes this applies to the nation as a whole, not just Enfield. “What's disturbing, is that we are seeing violence among younger people, at a younger age, opposed to when I started 30 years ago,” said Sferrazza. “You didn't really see that level of violence with kids that we see today. Not all kids, certainly, but some of them. So, that is something to keep our eye on.”

There is no doubt in the chief's mind that the Enfield Police Department has the capability to minimize crime with the latest technology, multiple K-9 officers, and enough cruisers and officers to actively fight crime. “The Town Council has been very good to the police department, budget-wise,” said Sferrazza.

The police department's budget has allowed it to purchase a new radio system and a number of lethal and non-lethal weapons that they didn't have in previous years. Each cruiser also has a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), which allows officers to communicate with officers in and out of town. “Because crime doesn't stop at the border,” said Sferrazza, “we have that instant communication.”

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