Kent Memorial Library hosts ‘Bubbleology’

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Suffield - posted Thu., Jun. 20, 2013
Keith Johnson makes bubbles that wow the audience at Kent Memorial Library. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Keith Johnson makes bubbles that wow the audience at Kent Memorial Library. Photos by Lisa Stone.

Self-proclaimed “Bubbleologist” Keith Michael Johnson, of Rhode Island, entertained a large audience at Kent Memorial Library in Suffield on June 15. Johnson amazed children with the science of bubbles and his bubble artwork.

During his performance, Johnson taught the children what happens when you mix soap and water. Not only did he show them how to make bubbles, but he showed them how to make sculptures with the bubbles. He had several common kitchen utensils on hand to make the bubble sculptures, along with a hula-hoop wrapped in string and attached to a long handle. This was the tool for his grand-finale. He put 5-year-old, Veronica in the center of a round, plastic pan and drew the hoop over her to encase her in a huge bubble. “It was weird. I loved it,” Veronica said of the experience.

Children of all ages were cheering and laughing throughout the show. Every so often, Johnson would stop to quiz the children about some of the science information he had taught them in the beginning of the show. He proved to the audience that when you have a wet hand, you are able to penetrate the bubbles, whereas a dry hand would simply pop the bubbles.

Johnson uses humor to connect with his audience. He would ask the children to give their “seal of approval,” which meant that they were to clap like seals.

Johnson said he loves what he does. “Someone once told me to do what you like doing, and you will never work a day in your life,” he said. “I have done this full time since 1986. They go to work and sit in a cubical. I know I have the better job.”

Kent Memorial Library kicked off its children’s summer reading program with “Bubbleology,” and will host different functions each week that will accommodate all age groups, according to Wendy Taylor, who is the head librarian in the children’s department. “We have had Mr. Johnson several times before, and the children really love him,” Taylor said. “We are always happy to have him here.”

To learn more about Johnson’s “Bubbleology,” visit

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