Young women hold top two spots in Lyman Memorial's Class of 2013

By Melanie Savage - Staff Writer
Lebanon - posted Tue., Jun. 25, 2013
Valedictorian Emily Klein speaks at the 2013 Lyman Memorial High School commencement on June 21. Photos by Melanie Savage.
Valedictorian Emily Klein speaks at the 2013 Lyman Memorial High School commencement on June 21. Photos by Melanie Savage.

Emily Klein represents her class as the valedictorian for Lyman Memorial High School for 2013. Klein is the president of the National Honor Society, and is involved with the school Diversity Club and art department. She received the Eugene Atwood Award for industrious young people, was a Governor's Scholar semifinalist, attended the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, and received various academic achievement awards.

“I've been heavily involved in the shrinking French program this year, trying to keep it afloat,” said Klein.

Klein plans to pursue a degree in architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. She attributes her academic success “to my family for their encouragement, and to my teachers for their support,” said Klein.

“With the past few half days at school recently… I’ve had time to reflect on what Lyman means to me,” said Klein, at the Lyman Memorial High School commencement ceremony on June 21. Klein talked about teachers, students and experiences that made her time at the school memorable. She likened her classmates to superheroes, and laid out some lessons to be learned from Batman. “If you don’t have superpowers, you can always create them,” said Klein. “There are all types of heroes in this world, so become your own,” continued Klein. “Be your own hero and the world is yours.”

Emma Wentworth is the salutatorian for this year’s Lyman Memorial High School graduating class. Wentworth was extremely involved in the National Honors Society, saying, "volunteerism is very important to me.” She was manager of the wrestling team for two years, and a member of the track team for three years. Wentworth was on the math team and in the Model UN Club for three years, and the Chemistry Club during her senior year.

She received the Academic Excellence scholarship from the University of Texas at Dallas, a scholarship from Big Y, and the Anne L. Card (Windham Community Memorial Hospital Auxiliary) Scholarship. Wentworth will be attending the University of Texas at Dallas for biochemistry, where she has a place in the honors program. “I will be completing my degree early, then obtaining a master's program to be a physician's assistant,” she said.

Wentworth attributes her academic success to “Netflix, because without it to keep me entertained through all the essays and homework assignments, I would long ago have given up on my studies,” she said. “Also, my parents have always encouraged me to be scholarly,” continued Wentworth, noting that her own drive pushed her to maintain her academic second-place position.

At the commencement ceremony, Wentworth went with a light-hearted approach. “I’ve been trying to get out of giving this speech for over a year now,” she said, beginning with a list of thank you acknowledgements. Wentworth wished her dad a happy birthday, and thanked her mom for “making me do this.”

She thanked various Lyman staff members, including Principal Stephen Salisbury and Vice Principal Carol Moore, who are both retiring this year, and chemistry teacher Karen Collins. “Thank you for making this a great four years,” said Wentworth. Wentworth apologized to her audience for making them sit through her speech. “I tried to get you out of this,” she said.

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