‘Dig into Magic’ kicks off summer reading program in Enfield

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Enfield - posted Mon., Jul. 1, 2013
Rebecca assists magician Peter Boie with sending a post card through magic. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Rebecca assists magician Peter Boie with sending a post card through magic. Photos by Lisa Stone.

“Dig into Magic with Peter Boie” kicked off the summer reading program at Enfield Public Library on June 26. Boie entertained his audience with both magic and humor. Children of all ages were shouting out loud and raising their hands to be his next assistant.

Boie started his routine with a trick that made a single ball turn into as many as four balls and magically turned them into just one ball again. Later, Rebecca helped with sending a post card magically from her hand to a hat. When the trick was finished, all of the children were cheering and trying to figure out how Boie did it.

Laughter and cheers filled the room from the beginning to the end of the show. Boie used humor in every trick. The connection between the magician and his audience was obvious. “He comes highly recommended,” said Lisa Ellis, who is the coordinator of children’s services at the Enfield Public Library. She added, “He’s really wonderful with the kids. They always have a great time with him.”

The grand finale was escaping from a straight jacket. He had two spectators from the audience come up securely buckle him into a straight jacket. Both Aarron and Athena buckled Boie into the jacket. At one point, Boie raised his hand out in front of his face to wipe away sweat, while still demonstrating his escape moves. The children were puzzled at how his hand could appear to wipe sweat away and then still seem like he was trapped in the jacket. When he finally removed the jacket, all of the children started clapping and yelling.

Boie told the children that he was not much of a reader when he was a child, and he found reading to be boring. One day, when he was 11 years old, he was at a library and found a book about magic. He began reading several magic books, and from that time on, he began to love to read. He told the crowd, “Find books about things that you like. You’ll find reading to be an adventure.”

To contact Peter Boie, e-mail info@peterboie.com.

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