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Colchester - posted Mon., Jul. 8, 2013
Kassidy Hambrecht’s submission was chosen as the winning student agenda submission. Her design will be featured on all the JJIS 2013-2014 student agendas. Courtesy photos. - Contributed Photo

Student named to National Football Hall of Fame
Bacon Academy senior Trey Geisman was selected as Bacon’s Scholar/Athlete representative to the National Football Hall of Fame. His name will appear on a plaque at the Canton, Ohio, Hall of Fame.

The students have spoken!
As a participating Connecticut Hot School, Jack Jackter Intermediate School’s student voices, ideas and opinions are honored and valued throughout the school year. Recently, grade four students at JJIS were given the opportunity to design the 2013-2014 student agenda cover. Thirty-seven students submitted their artwork, which were then numbered and put on display in the cafeteria. All students were asked to choose their favorite design and submit their choices to their teachers. Kassidy Hambrecht’s submission was chosen as the winning student agenda submission. Her design will be featured on all the JJIS 2013-2014 student agendas. Honorable mention also goes to Abigail Burke, Abigail Boislard, Joshua Gladding and Julia Baehr.

JJIS students host Biography Day
On June 18, students from Jennifer Totten’s fifth-grade class at JJIS participated in Biography Day - a way for students to showcase their research. Each child chose a person to learn more about and was required to read at least one book. Carol Benson, library media specialist, worked with them to use educational online sources for more information. Then, they prepared a speech and a timeline of important events. Finally, they utilized display boards to create an exhibit with photos, timeline and interesting facts. All of their research work culminated with a presentation to family and friends. Each student gave his/her speech with props and used the display to help teach their audience.

WJJMS students plant a garden
Students from William J. Johnston Middle School showed a shared interest in gardening. So when educators Kelly Zachas, Virginia Goncalo, Sally Bartlett and Kristin Sullivan offered their seventh- and eighth-grade students the opportunity to create a garden of their choice, the students were thrilled! Together, the students decided to grow eggplant, cucumbers, peas and carrots. They read all about their vegetable choices and then created a garden plan! They then moved and tended to the soil that was delivered and subsequently planted the seeds. The students have taken ownership of the garden’s responsibilities and are engaged in its care.  Their motivation has also been visible in their writing. Over the summer the students can come to WJJMS to check and see if the veggies are ready to be harvested. The seeds were donated from Harte Seeds of Old Wethersfield and the soil donated by Baldi Sand & Gravel in Colchester.

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