Windsor-con celebrates anime and makes candy sushi

By Calla Vassilopoulos - Staff Writer
WIndsor - posted Fri., Jul. 12, 2013
Gavin watches his sister Brianna Suydan make a button with a cut-out from an anime magazine at Windsor-con.
Gavin watches his sister Brianna Suydan make a button with a cut-out from an anime magazine at Windsor-con.

On July 11, Windsor Public Library teen program director Andrea Ingala welcomed everyone and anyone interested in anime and embracing Asian culture to the library's conference room. The first ever "Windsor-con" offered an anime movie for teenagers to watch on the pull-down screen, a selection of anime reading materials, button-making with cut-outs from used anime magazines, a table featuring Asian writing characters, which taught the group how to write their name using the characters, and a lesson on a popular dish.

The favorite activity, according to Harper Follansbee, was located on a long table alongside the windows. At the table there was a plate with a fruit roll-up and Rice Krispy treat placed at each seat. Bowls of Swedish Fish, pull-and-peel Twizzlers and Laffy Taffy were scattered down the middle of the table. What could this possibly have to do with Asian culture? The answer is candy sushi.

The fruit roll-up was used for the first layer in place of seaweed, and the Rice Krispy treat was flattened as much as possible on top as if it were a layer of rice. Then, the group added their favorite flavors from the candy selections. When all the ingredients were lying flat on the Rice Krispy treat, the teens took the long end and began to roll the ingredients together. To give it an authentic look, they cut their rolls into pieces similar to sushi found at restaurants. There was only one thing missing, the sauce. The group used chocolate sauce as their soy sauce substitute. 

“We talked about what we are going to do next year,” said Ingala. “Because so many kids go to conventions and dress up, we talked about having more of a construction where we all get together and make our costumes.”

The teen program was inspired by ConnectiCon, a convention where anime, science-fiction and comic book enthusiasts get together. Many who attend the convention each year, including fans from Windsor Public Library, dress in elaborate costumes, role play, take pictures, play games and immerse themselves in a fantasy world.

Three library teen volunteers and friends - Calli Faulk, Christina Janczak, and Abigail Parker - are dressing as characters from "Doctor Who" this year – Faulk as Oswin Oswald, Janczak as Weeping Angel, and Parker as the Tenth Doctor. For the other two days, Janzack's other costumes are “a twisted Disney theme” Ariel and Angel Anna from "Supernatural," and Paker's costumes include Rumpelstiltskin and Dean Winchester from "Once Upon a Time" and "Supernatural."

“Cos-play chess is one of the best parts,” said Janczak. “They have two different people who work for the committee battle each other. They pick people a few months in advance to be their chess pieces and move around the board. When one piece takes another, they each have their own special move, so it is really cool to watch.”

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