Congregational Church of Somersville hosts ice cream social

By Donna Carcia - ReminderNews
Somers - posted Wed., Jul. 31, 2013
Guests at the picnic wait in line for Collins ice cream. Photos by Donna Carcia.
Guests at the picnic wait in line for Collins ice cream. Photos by Donna Carcia.

The Congregational Church of Somersville hosted its their third annual picnic and gathering on July 27 for its members, families and all residents of the Somersville area. The ice cream social also included a petting zoo, face-painting and games.

While the church did use the time to tell local residents about its services and upcoming community events, organizer Linda Longueuil said, “We’re here to give the people of Somers a treat.”

Longueuil said that her first favorite thing about the day is the Collins ice cream and seeing residents of the neighborhood enjoy the different activities. She estimates that from 75 to 100 people visit the picnic each year. The most difficult thing for Longueuil to organize is bringing the furniture from the church building to the green, and the weather’s cooperation. She has had heat, rain and fair weather for this event over the years. Since the first year the event took place, these problems have gotten easier, according to Laura Elwood, Millie Everett Morrill and Nick Wood, and Chuck Elwood.

Elwood said he hopes that the picnic is a way to increase participation in the church’s membership, because the event focuses on the small and loving church family atmosphere.

Lee Pinney of Elm Knoll Farm provided goats and dogs for a petting zoo. Children were able to reach through the fence to pet and feed the animals. There were six goats - four adults and two kids. The children were able to see how large the kids would be when full-grown, and the variation of colors between them.

Kathy Deschaine brought her male grey and off-white bearded dragon to stay with the goats and dogs. The children were excited to pet his spiky skin, and learn that male bearded dragons are not as colorful as females. They also learned that his underbelly feels like a snake and is not as spiky. When the children asked if they could give some goat feed to the bearded dragon, they learned that bearded dragons eat insects and spiders, including bees in the grass.

The Congregational Church of Somersville prepared a guide of key services that are available to residents of Somers or members of church. Residents can contact the church directly for information at 860-749-7741 or The guide has information about state and local government contacts, Somers public schools, legal assistance, food pantries and Alcoholics Anonymous.

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