Kids enjoy reading adventures at Enfield Public Library

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Enfield - posted Wed., Jul. 31, 2013
Autumn helps Mike Bent with the amazing ‘ant mind-reading trick.’ Photos by Lisa Stone.
Autumn helps Mike Bent with the amazing ‘ant mind-reading trick.’ Photos by Lisa Stone.

Enfield Public Library hosted “Readers of the Lost Book” on July 24, welcoming Nickelodeon’s award-winning children’s performer, Mike Bent, who led a search for a “Priceless Artifact”: an overdue library book.

Bent used humor, magic, puppets and storytelling to reach his audience of children ages 5 and up. One puppet that he used was a giant rat named Melvin. The children laughed and screamed with delight while Melvin and Bent discussed how to find this artifact. Melvin made the children laugh while Bent reminded children how important it is to explore the world through reading library books.

The audience screamed when Bent pulled a rubber snake out of a book bag. He was looking for the overdue library book in the book bag and found several books that he highly recommended to the children. “You can travel anywhere in the world through library books,” said Bent. “All you need is an imagination and a desire to learn.”

Autumn was chosen from the eager crowd to assist Bent with a magic trick. Bent claimed he could communicate with the ants in an ant farm. Autumn was to write a word down and only show it to the audience. When Bent removed a cloth that had been covering the ant farm, the ants had spelled out “Them,” which was the word that Autumn had written down. The children gasped and cheered out loud.

Ledger helped with the mummy demonstration and was dressed up as King Tut. After pretending to search the tomb for the book, Bent said that the artifact was not there.

Bent called upon Dante to help with the pirate segment of the show. Dante was dressed up in a pirate’s hat and handed a doubloon. Dante was asked to draw a picture of Bent on the coin to be sure that he would recognize it later. Bent took the doubloon and wrapped it in a bandana. After a few moments went by, Bent revealed that the coin disappeared. After searching three treasure boxes, the doubloon with the drawing on it showed up in the fourth treasure box. The crowd was amazed.

This event was a part of Enfield Public Library’s “Dig into Reading” theme for the summer. For upcoming events, visit For more information on Mike Bent, go to

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