Bobby Skarvelas set to start school year in new role as assistant principal

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer
Glastonbury - posted Thu., Aug. 8, 2013
Bobby Skarvelas has been busy this summer, transitioning from social studies teacher to assistant principal at Glastonbury High School. Photo by Steve Smith.
Bobby Skarvelas has been busy this summer, transitioning from social studies teacher to assistant principal at Glastonbury High School. Photo by Steve Smith.

Glastonbury High School students will see a familiar face in a slightly different place when they head back to school later this month.

Bobby Skarvelas has taught social studies at GHS since 2007, but is now an assistant principal.

Skarvelas said he is excited about the upcoming school year.

Since starting in his new role July 1, he said he has been spending time sorting out his stuff – moving out of the social studies department and figuring out the logistics of his new duties.

“I'm super-excited,” Skarvelas said. “I'm doing as much work as I can this summer, preparing for the school year, because when the school year starts, you have to hit the ground running.”

Skarvelas, who has also been an assistant coach for the football, basketball and lacrosse teams, said he will miss teaching and coaching, but he plans to keep those connections, while focusing on the task of helping the “big organism” of GHS keep running.

“I'm going to try to be in a lot of classrooms,” he said. “I'm going to miss teaching, so I am going to watch teachers. I'll be at a lot of athletic contests, I'm sure. I'll miss the classroom most.”

For the upcoming school year, Skarvelas said he's simply looking to do the best job he can, and he is especially excited about the new iPad initiative.

“My goal is to always put the students at the forefront,” he said, “and to better the kids' education, and their social experience here at the high school. Listening is going to be a big part of my job, especially in the first year. The iPads are going to be an evolutionary process. I'm excited about the capabilities that our staff is going to have with them. It's going to be awesome seeing what people do with them.”

Skarvelas will be presenting at a professional development day for teachers, just before the start of school. He'll be talking about how to manage behavior in the classroom.

“Setting classroom expectations,” he said. “One of the reasons I believe I've been successful is the ability to build positive relationships with people. You've really got to start with establishing some expectations in the classroom. I'm going to bring some strategies together.”

As for his own future, Skarvelas joked that he doesn't know what he's having for lunch tomorrow, and said that at least for now, he doesn't see beyond being the best assistant principal he can be, although may go back to school to continue his own education.

Skarvelas said his motivation comes from the fact that GHS students have impressed him over the years.

“They are so talented,” he said. “They are impressive every day, and I'm not just talking about academics. We have Harvard and Yale-bound students, but we also have future Division-I athletes and Olympians. We have students whose stories are so unique, and they have great personalities, and that's what I love about this town. If the future of our country is in these students' hands, I feel real comfortable about that.”

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