Enfield Garden Club welcomes local gardening enthusiasts

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Enfield - posted Wed., Aug. 7, 2013
Speaker Dave Schroeder and Enfield Garden Club member Eileen Fisher display books about permaculture. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Speaker Dave Schroeder and Enfield Garden Club member Eileen Fisher display books about permaculture. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The Enfield Garden Club held its monthly meeting at St. Joseph’s Residence on July 24 to discuss the topic of permaculture with guest speaker Dave Schroeder. Permaculture is the concept of a sustainable and self-reliant agricultural ecosystem that preserves the ecology while producing healthy plant life.

“Permaculture provides humans with a toolkit that we can employ in building lifestyle and landscapes that can meet and exceed our needs. It teaches us how to design ecological and social systems that can be put in place to build and ensure a health, thriving and harmonious planet for our future generations to come,” said Schroeder. “If we take care of the Earth, it will take care of us. We need to understand what it takes to keep our environment as chemically free as possible. This is better for the Earth and, in turn, is better for humans because the plants we eat will be healthier for us.”

JoAnn Swift is responsible for publicizing the Enfield Garden Club’s activities. “I want to invite everyone to join our club,” she said. “We have several activities that we are involved with. As a group, we beautify the Town Green and fountain, the group also planted flowers around the flag at the senior center, as well as planting a rose garden at the center, we have annual plant sales and we have plantings at the Enfield Central Library, just to name a few activities. We are very proud of our members and would really like to add to our membership.”

The goals of the EGC are clear. “‘To stimulate knowledge and love of gardening; to aid in the protection of the environment; and to encourage civic beautification.’ That is our club’s goals,” said Betsy Pinitteri, the president of the EGC. “We also have a project named, ‘Curb Appeal.’ This is something that is very special to me. We thank residents that work hard on keeping their homes and yards looking beautiful. We take notice of these homes and send them a thank you note, as well as an invitation to join our club. We also have weekly door prizes and raffles. That’s always fun.”

According to Jean Lucas, the head of EGC memberships, the club has more than 30 members. People come from surrounding towns to join in the activities that the club has to offer. Tom and Eleanor Ennis have been coming from East Longmeadow, Mass., for four years to be a part of the fun. “We also belong to the East Longmeadow Garden Club,” said Eleanor Ennis. “We love coming here. The people are very friendly and knowledgeable. We learn a lot of great gardening tips.”

Monthly meetings of the Enfield Garden Club are held the fourth Wednesday of the month through December, at 6:30 p.m., at St. Joseph's Residence, located at 1365 Enfield St.

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