‘Lucky Bob’ amazes young crowds at Manchester libraries

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Manchester - posted Wed., Aug. 7, 2013
Megan helps Lucky Bob with the multiplying ball trick. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Megan helps Lucky Bob with the multiplying ball trick. Photos by Lisa Stone.

Performances by “Lucky Bob” drew crowds at Whiton Memorial Library as well as Mary Cheney Library in Manchester on Aug. 1. Some of the thrills that the young audiences enjoyed were juggling, magic tricks, and comedy skits, all of which included elements of audience participation.

The evening show at Mary Cheney Library opened up with Lucky Bob balancing 10 boxes with one hand. The crowd applauded with enthusiasm when Lucky Bob started his routine. He called upon a few members of the audience to toss balls back and forth with him. When he received two of the three balls, he began to juggle them. He then asked the spectator to toss him the third ball as he continued to juggle. Eventually, he was juggling all three balls and continued to joke with the crowd at the same time.

Rahul was asked to assist Lucky Bob with one skit. Lucky Bob started spinning a large ball on the tip of his finger. He then placed the spinning ball on Rahul’s finger. After that was accomplished, he did the same thing only with both index fingers. Rahul stood proud while the audience cheered as the two balls spun on his fingers.

Megan was selected to help with another ball trick. The 4-year-old was asked to stand on a large trunk so all the spectators could see the trick. Lucky Bob handed her a ball and asked her to hold on to it for a moment. As he walked away, it magically disappeared and reappeared in Lucky Bob’s hand. After a while, he reached behind one of Megan’s ears and pulled out a small white ball. He reached behind the other ear and there was another ball. She was asked to hold the two balls – and suddenly the two became one large ball. When she was asked to hold it again, it became two small balls again.

Adults enjoyed the show as well as the children. Demario Hanson was laughing and cheering right along with the rest of the crowd.

There are still several summer events being held at the two Manchester libraries. For a schedule of events, visit http://library.townofmanchester.org/childhome.html, or call Mary Cheney Library at 860-645-0577 or Whiton Memorial Library at 860-643-6892.

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