Familes enjoy Hartford County’s 77th Annual 4-H Fair

By Jennifer Coe - ReminderNews
Somers - posted Wed., Aug. 21, 2013
Alycia, 5, and Emma, 13, take a spin on the flying swings at the 77th Annual Hartford County 4-H Fair on Aug. 16. Photos by Jennifer Coe.
Alycia, 5, and Emma, 13, take a spin on the flying swings at the 77th Annual Hartford County 4-H Fair on Aug. 16. Photos by Jennifer Coe.

A yearly favorite, the Hartford County 4-H Fair is both a place where families come together to have fun, and a way for young people to show off the skills they are learning. Many local 4-H participants had their well-trained livestock on display for the public to see. They were able to exhibit cows, sheep, chickens and all sorts of furry and feathered friends to judges looking for excellence and showmanship.

Friday and Saturday, Aug. 16 and 17, gave 4-H participants the opportunity to enjoy the Paul Tyler Band and the annual Doodlebug Draw at the Four Town Fairgrounds. Early Sunday morning, you could find people running the Austin Harlow Memorial 5 K Road Race. Later on that day, a llama and alpaca show was held. Closing ceremonies came all too quickly Sunday afternoon.

Although the fair itself has moved locations throughout its many years, it has always been full of opportunities for families to be entertained and to re-establish their connection with agricultural life.

This year, the Celebrity Goat Obstacle Course was a funny opportunity for local celebrities to show off their (often-lacking) showmanship skills. This “just for fun” event asked a local magician/hypnotist, 4-H board member and Linda Horn, 4-H program specialist, to walk goats through several challenging obstacles.

“This is the 77th year for the 4-H Hartford County Fair,” said Horn. “We had some new things this year, including a movie night, a couple of new bands, and a presentation called Animal Talk,” said Horn.  “During Animal Talk, different 4-H members sign up for a time to speak to the public about their animal.”

Horn is proud of the fact that kids are not only showing off their well-groomed animals, they are also explaining what they have learned about their animals as well. “4-H members all are learning the science behind their projects,” she said.

2013 saw the addition of mini-horses and donkeys and, as always, a large variety of vendors, rides and games.

A steadily growing area of expertise that students are exhibiting these days is computer-based.  “We have started to see high-tech entries,” Horn said, and added that they are trying to have the “right equipment” on site to support this interest of the kids.

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