Windsor welcomes new teachers and reflects on the impact of educators

By Calla Vassilopoulos - Staff Writer
Windsor - posted Thu., Aug. 22, 2013
Windsor High School's English teacher Michael Berry wins the raffle at the new t
Windsor High School's English teacher Michael Berry won the raffle at the new teacher reception held at the Windsor Historical Society on Aug. 19. Photos by Calla Vassilopoulos.

Windsor Chamber of Commerce members and school district staff gathered at the Windsor Historical Society on Aug. 19 to welcome new teachers. Aside from introductions, the reception offered administrators and Chamber members the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be an educator.

“You have a great deal of power in your hands every time you enter a classroom,” said Superintendent of Schools Jeffery Villar. “You can either positively impact a student or negatively impact a student, and often it stays with that student through their whole life.”

In her opening address, Chamber board member Mary Beth Welsh talked about her experiences and those of her three children going through the Windsor school system. She said her son and two daughters were all influenced significantly by faculty members at the high school, which in turn guided them on their career paths.

Welsh and her family are testimonials of the positive impact Windsor schools can have on students, said Villar. Furthermore, he said educators have a direct impact on the future for themselves, their towns and the country.

“We thank you for coming to Windsor, and we know someday someone is going to be talking about you and the impact you had on their lives,” said Welsh.

Following opening speeches and introductions, Welsh encouraged new teachers to enjoy the local restaurants after hours, and to take advantage of the historical society and other Windsor attractions.

Chamber Executive Director Jane Garibay also introduced the Windsor Education Foundation to new faculty members. The organization was created to give community teachers an opportunity to receive funding for innovative projects.

“The town and the schools have a very close relationship,” said Assistant Superintendent Craig Cooke. “The town is very supportive, specifically the Chamber, but also the town itself will be very helpful for you as you are starting your career here.”

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