Stafford Elementary School welcomes students for a new year

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Stafford - posted Wed., Sep. 4, 2013
Stafford Elementary School Principal Hank Skala was very pleased with the first day of the new school year. Photo by Lisa Stone.
Stafford Elementary School Principal Hank Skala was very pleased with the first day of the new school year. Photo by Lisa Stone.

The Stafford school system started another school year on Aug. 28. At Stafford Elementary School, home to grades two through five, the faculty and staff watched over the children and made the transition to another year as smooth as possible.

As the dismissal bell rang, the children’s voices elevated. The halls were full of students eager to tell their friends and family about their first day of school. As bus numbers were called, the teachers sent the students with their backpacks and smiles to the main entrance to get their rides home. The children walked down the halls in single file with teachers watching to be sure that all went well.  It seemed as though the students couldn’t wait to get on the buses and socialize about the day with their classmates.

Principal Hank Skala watched the children board their buses at the end of the day. “Everything went well today,” said Skala. “Everyone got their buses this morning and got to their classes without any problems. This was a great start to another great year.”

Art teacher Dee Paradis has been teaching since 1981. She has been at SES since the building has been in operation. “The kids are really wonderful. Today went swimmingly. There were no problems and the kids were eager to start another school year,” said Paradis. “Each class has between 17 and 25 students.  The children were wide awake and ready to learn this morning. This should be a great year.”

The teachers were using walkie-talkies to coordinate the students’ dismissal with the arrival of the buses. “This is a hectic time of the day for us,” said Skala. “We need to make sure all students get the right bus or they won’t get home on time.”

Dawn Gagne, the school’s social worker, said this is her seventh year at the school. “Everything went smooth. Kids seemed to be happy to be back in school to see their friends and start another year,” said Gagne. “We have a great bunch of kids at this school. I’m sure we will have a wonderful school year.”

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