GHS gets another new (but not so new) assistant principal

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer
Glastonbury - posted Fri., Sep. 6, 2013
While taking a new position as assistant principal, Rebecca Comenale is no stranger to Glastonbury High School. Photo by Steve Smith.
While taking a new position as assistant principal, Rebecca Comenale is no stranger to Glastonbury High School. Photo by Steve Smith.

Rebecca Comenale is another familiar face on the administrative team at Glastonbury High School. Comenale became the newest assistant principal at GHS just shortly before the school year began, but she has been a Spanish teacher at the school since 2001, and head teacher for the Foreign Language Department since 2010.

She said she was thrilled when the opportunity came up, and jumped at the chance. “It's definitely a new way of looking at things here, in a building I'm familiar with and students and teachers I'm familiar with,” she said. “As much as I know, it's a whole new view on things, but it's exciting.”

Comenale finished her 092 Administrative Certification in 2009 and said being head teacher was important to her because she worked closely with teachers and students, as well as working on a grant for the department. She said she hopes to expand on that in her new role.

“I'm still feeling the adjustment of not being in the classroom on a daily basis in that role as teacher,” she said, “but it definitely felt more natural when the kids came back. These are the kids and teachers that I know. I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to work here, where I have been.”

Comenale said she is looking forward to getting to know her new role, as well as seeing what the teachers and students do with the new iPad initiative. She said she also wants to get out of the office and meet people in the school community.

“As much as I was able to do that as a teacher, that's exponentially grown in this role,” she said. “I'm looking forward to seeing teachers in their classrooms, and to get ideas from them, share and collaborate with other teachers.”

Working with the school's new mission statement and learning expectations will also be something of a challenge, as the school designs rubrics and works with teachers and students to define how to measure those things. “That's a challenge, but it's also something that I think is exciting,” Comenale said. “Working on that is going to be a big job, but I think it will be very rewarding. I think a lot of the work that I've done in foreign language will help me with that, so hopefully I can offer something.”

Comenale describes the student body at GHS as talented, intelligent, passionate, responsible and respectful.

“I think we have a great group of kids,” she said. “I think we're really lucky. I think we do a good job of making the kids feel connected to the school and creating a sense of community here. That's a pretty tall order for 2,200 kids.”

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