Community Center hosts 'Meet and Greet' for seniors

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
South Windsor - posted Thu., Sep. 12, 2013
Lorraine Gaffney with Nedra Gallo, as she signs up for the Yellow Dot program. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Lorraine Gaffney with Nedra Gallo, as she signs up for the Yellow Dot program. Photos by Lisa Stone.

South Windsor senior citizens were encouraged to attend a meet and greet at the Charles N. Enes Community Center on Sept. 5 to see what the town has to offer them.

The South Windsor TRIAD organization offered several programs designed to keep senior citizens safe, one of which is the Yellow Dot program. This is a kit that will allow first responders to better serve the senior if there is an accident. “The person puts a ‘Yellow Dot’ sticker on the rear window of their car, and this notifies the police or fire department, or whoever is the first responder at the accident, that the personal information that is necessary to aid the senior is in their glove box,” said Lorraine Gaffney. “This will help answer any questions about whether the senior is on any medications, or if they are a caregiver to a child that might be at their home, or just what the names and numbers are for their contact people in case of an emergency.”

The same information that is kept in the glove box can also be posted on the refrigerator at home. This system is called the Files of Life kit. “We are committed to keeping our senior citizens as safe as possible,” said EMT Lynn-Marie Nicoletta. “We ask the people to fill out this form and place it on their fridge. If the ambulance is called and the person cannot communicate, we will have all the necessary information to treat them.”

Many people took advantage of signing up for this program as well as the Yellow Dot program. “I am doing both programs,” said Betty Love. “I am going to do all I can to stay safe and healthy.”

Josh Boudreault works with the South Windsor Information Technology department.  “We have had almost 20 seniors sign up today,” said Boudreault. “I take their pictures for a photo ID and Sgt. Tom Field helps the seniors with their Yellow Dot paperwork.  We are all trying to do our part in looking out for our seniors.”

Andrea Cofrancesco is the coordinator of adult and senior services in town. “We have programs and trips that seniors sign up for once a month,” said Cofrancesco. “Today, we are having an open house for any seniors that haven’t taken advantage of our facility yet. We have had a large turnout.”

Helen Kelleher was relaxing with her friends in the lobby of the community center. She taught in the South Windsor school system for more than 35 years. “I don’t believe that the people in South Windsor understand that this is not a senior center,” said Kelleher.  “We share space at the community center. We really need a senior center. We appreciate this facility, but we need a space of our own. We were looking for a senior center to be built a few years back, but people thought we already had one. We do not!  They felt that the money would be better spent on schools. I am not anti-schools. I was a teacher for 35 years. I just feel that the seniors of South Windsor deserve their own space to be themselves in. I hope in the near future, that will change.”

For more information on South Windsor TRIAD, call Andrea Cofrancesco at the Community Center at 860-648-6357 or Sgt. Tom Field at the South Windsor Police Department at 860-648-6224.

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