South Windsor seniors ‘Move to the Music’

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
South Windsor - posted Thu., Sep. 19, 2013
Vi McGee and Pauline Kavinagh follow Ann Quinn’s lead while enjoying Broadway musical music. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Vi McGee and Pauline Kavinagh follow Ann Quinn’s lead while enjoying Broadway musical music. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The common room at the South Windsor Community Center was bouncing with seniors, as the program "Move to the Music" started its eight-week course on Sept. 10. “The social aspect is key,” said instructor Ann Quinn. “Seniors need to be social. It will help with their overall health. One way to keep in shape while making friends is to join our ‘Move to the Music’ program.  We start off at a slow pace and build on that. We never go too fast. The object is to improve the senior’s health, not to have injuries.”

Quinn has a degree in dance and is an instructor at The University of Hartford, where she said she also teaches a course on muscles and bones. “We all need to keep active, no matter what our age is.  If we sit in front of the television and don’t move, our quality of life will diminish,” said Quinn. “We can all benefit from some activity along with socialization. That is what life is about.” Quinn encourages seniors of all ages to enroll in her class.

Pauline Kavinagh said, “I come here all the time. I love seeing my friends and doing different programs. I really like this program. They play age appropriate music that you can relate to while moving around and getting into shape. I love coming here.”

Vi McGee took the course last year. “I enjoyed it so much, that I made sure to take it again. It helps build strength and keep our minds sharp,” said McGee. “We could all benefit from this class. Some men have even taken the class. I think that’s great.”

Suzi Cyr heard a great deal about the program and decided to join the group this time around. “This is my first time,” said Cyr. “I am sure I will love it. I get to catch up with my friends and have fun while getting in better shape.”

Linda White came to the class ready to dance. “I like this class,” said White. “I am really looking forward to doing this for the next eight weeks.”

This month is "Senior Month" at the South Windsor Community Center.  Andrea Cofrancesco is the adult and senior services coordinator at the center.  “We are encouraging our seniors to come in and see what programs we have and join us in the fun,” said Cofrancesco.  “We want to give our seniors as many fun programs as we can.  We are having an end of the summer pizza dinner with sing-along musical entertainment on Sept. 19, at 1 p.m. Bus transportation is available. Seniors just need to call the center and ask for me.”

For more information about the "Move to the Music" class and any other senior programs, call Andrea Cofrancesco at 860-648-6361, ext. 335.

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