Mystery author Laura Bradford visits Windsor Locks Public Library

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Windsor Locks - posted Thu., Sep. 26, 2013
Mystery writer Laura Bradford interacts with the audience at Windsor Locks Public Library. Photo by Lisa Stone.
Mystery writer Laura Bradford interacts with the audience at Windsor Locks Public Library. Photo by Lisa Stone.

Mystery writer Laura Bradford came to Windsor Locks Public Library on Sept. 18 to speak about her mystery series to a full house.

Bradford said she has been inspired by feedback that her daughter Jennifer has given her over the years. “I know all the characters,” said Jennifer, who was also at the library. “I give my opinion on whether I think one of the characters would do or say something. I let my mom know how I feel.”

Bradford is an author of mysteries, romance novels and thrillers. Her latest series is centered on the Amish life. “I am really intrigued by the Amish,” said Bradford. “They are a wonderful, loving and giving group of people. Unfortunately, they are the perfect victims. They don’t have any pictures of themselves for identification, they do not use the police as a resource and they keep large amounts of cash in their homes due to the fact that they don’t believe in insurance. All of this leads up to them being the perfect prey.”

Bradford spent a great deal of time with the Amish doing research. The author recalled that she had spent the day with an Amish woman who made soap and candles in a little shop. Bradford was also welcomed into an Amish home and allowed into their “front room,” which is where the family gathers for quality time. The family answered all of Bradford’s questions and taught her about their beliefs. By the end of her visit to Amish country, she had enough inspiration to write another book in her mystery series. The first two books are "Hearse & Buggy" and "Assaulted Pretzel." Book number three in this series, “Shunned and Dangerous,” is due out in the spring of 2014. She is currently working on the fourth book in the series.

“I really admire the Amish people,” said Bradford.  “They are a very traditional group of people. Married men stop shaving. You can tell if the man has been married for a long time by the length of his beard. Their population doubles every 10 years. They don’t pay social security tax, but they don’t draw on Social Security either. They take care of their elderly. The Amish never put any family members in a nursing home or any other institution. They are an extremely resourceful group of people. I find them to be very fascinating.”

The audience was very much in tune with Bradford. As the author spoke about her books and their characters, people added to the conversation by reminiscing about past books and the roles different characters played in the mysteries. “I would never feel right about killing off any of my characters,” said Bradford. “It would feel like a friend or family member died. I expand the characters in my books, but I see no need to kill any of them off. It just wouldn’t feel right.”

Bradford’s achievements also include the Cozy mysteries. These are mysteries that are geared toward adults, but use humor and are non-violent, and include titles such as, “Miracle Baby,” “Storybook Dad” and “Jury of One.”

Bradford was welcomed with open arms and it was clear she was admired and respected by her followers. “I love her work,” said Geri Norman. “I read everything she writes. She is one of my favorite authors. She truly is gifted.”

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