Phillip R. Smith Elementary School hosts ice cream social

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
South Windsor - posted Thu., Sep. 26, 2013
Dominic Bonanno and James Pile say they love the ice cream. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Dominic Bonanno and James Pile say they love the ice cream. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The annual ice cream social at Phillip R. Smith Elementary School took place on Sept. 20 and included music, dancing, ice cream and a great deal of fun. The social was open to all of the students of the school. The cost for each person was $3, and the money raised by the PTO, about $800, is designated for documentary cameras for the smart boards in the school. 

“Each year gets bigger and bigger,” said PTO member Trish Bonanno. “We do several fundraisers during the school year. Our next project will be the sale of Lyman Pies for Thanksgiving.  We will be taking orders between Oct. 4 and 20. The delivery of the pies will be just before Thanksgiving,” she said.

The disc jockey for the evening was Michael Kevetos, who has been playing at the school’s ice cream social for four years. “This began with me just playing music for the kids,” said Kevetos. “The music part of the social just snowballed throughout the years. Now, we have set up microphones for the kids to sing along with karaoke. They seem to really enjoy that.”

Nour Abunasra, Nithyaw Mallewen and Gabby Ryan enjoyed singing along with the music and dancing in the center of the auditorium.  “I love this,” said Abunasra. “All of my friends are here. We get to run around and sing and dance and eat ice cream. This is so much fun.”

Kelly Burke is the reading consultant for the school. She and her daughter, Ayla, were standing on the sidelines of the commotion. “This is a wonderful night,” said Burke. “All the kids are having such a great time. I am really enjoying myself.”

John Thorne was spinning his daughter, Julia, around the dance floor. “I have been coming here with my kids for three years,” he said.  “This is a great school with great people. It is very chaotic here tonight. The kids are all having such a good time. This is really fun for them.”

James Pile and Dominic Bonanno are in the fifth grade at PRS. “I really like this school,” said Pile. “We had ice cream with all kinds of toppings. I am so happy to be here. This is cool,” said Bonanno.

Kenna Kimber is the president of the PTO. “We really want to acknowledge the generosity of Friendly’s,” said Kimber. “They donated the ice cream and toppings for the social. They have been really wonderful to us, and we can’t thank them enough.”

If anyone is interested in ordering Lyman pies as part of the school’s fundraiser for this Thanksgiving, call 860-878-9016.

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