Ice cream social kicks off United Way fundraising campaign

By Corey AmEnde - Staff Writer
Manchester - posted Fri., Sep. 27, 2013
An ice cream social was held at Town Hall on Friday, Sept. 20, to raise funds for the United Way.  Photo by Corey AmEnde.
An ice cream social was held at Town Hall on Friday, Sept. 20, to raise funds for the United Way. Photo by Corey AmEnde.

The inviting aroma of hot fudge and fresh strawberries invited visitors into Town Hall on Friday, Sept. 20, for the 12th annual ice cream social to kick off fundraising among town employees for the United Way. The social was held from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. on the main floor of the town hall, and for a donation of $1, people could enjoy an ice cream sundae and know that their money is going to a good cause.

“The ice cream social is designed to jump-start it,” said Tim O’Neil, the administrative staff attorney for the town of Manchester, with regard to the fundraising efforts. The fundraising campaign for United Way lasts about a month and concludes at the end of October. 

All the supplies for the ice cream social were donated by local businesses.  The ice cream was provided by Royal Ice Cream on Warren Street, the hot fudge was donated by Dairy Queen, and the nuts, cups, napkins and spoons were provided by Shady Glenn.

O’Neil said the overall goal for the fundraising campaign is $15,000, “and for the most part we exceed the goal.”

In addition to the ice cream social, there are two kinds of raffles in which people can participate.  The first is a general raffle. 
“If you make a contribution to the United Way you get a raffle ticket for every $10 of contribution you make,” explained O’Neil.  “If you make a $100 pledge or contribution you get 10 raffle tickets to what we call a general raffle.”

The other raffle is a specialty raffle that offers items such as restaurant gift certificates and tickets to UConn basketball and football games. “For those you pay a dollar for the raffle tickets and you put it into the particular item that you’re looking to get,” said O’Neil.

Munson's candy bars are also being sold around town at various departments for $1.50 each. “We get to keep 75 cents out of the $1.50 to go to the United Way,” said O’Neil. 

There are also dress-down Fridays involved in the fundraising, where town employees can pay $1 to dress down for the final day of the work week.  Each employee who pays $1 for dress-down day will get a sticker to place on their shirt to show that they donated.

There are a handful of organizations based in Manchester that benefit directly from the funds raised during the United Way campaign, including  the Manchester Area Conference of Churches and MARC.  “You can either give a donation to the United Way and it will make its way to those agencies [in town] or you can designate you want all of your money to go to one of the Manchester agencies,” said O’Neil.


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