St. Andrew Church Choir hosts its first 5K Rhythm Run

By Merja H. Lehtinen - ReminderNews
Colchester - posted Mon., Sep. 30, 2013
More than 75 runners took part in the 5K Rhythm Run. Photos by Merja H. Lehtinen.
More than 75 runners took part in the 5K Rhythm Run. Photos by Merja H. Lehtinen.

More than 75 runners showed up Saturday, Sept. 21, for a brisk 3-mile run known as the St. Andrew’s 5K Rhythm Run.

What made this race a bit different is that a majority of the runners are also members of the Saint Andrew Church Choir of Colchester. The race raises funds for the food bank and free community lunch program. Dan Utz said it all: "We are all here to support the choir and do good works.”

Thomas Praisner, age 45, finished the run first, with a time of 18:40, while Stephen Hibino, age 30, followed less than a minute later at 19:26. Ryan Shulze, age 13, had a time of 19:31. Joe Holloway, age 38, followed at 20:40.

The first woman to cross the finish line was Bridget Hastings, age 25, who ran the 5K course in 23:02, followed by Chelsea Ahmed, age 18, at 23:57, and Sarah Praisner, age 11, who also ran the course in at 23:57.

"I feel good," said Holloway. Schulze was ecstatic and happy his after school workouts running with Norwich Tech seemed to pay off. He even went back and an encouraged his father to keep going, as his father came in several minutes later. 

Kathy Sedgwick and the other volunteers were cheering on their friends and fellow choir members. Cheryl LaPorte, who MCed the event, treated each runner as a winner, calling out their names as they crossed the finish line. She roared a welcome when Kaitlyn Cassidy, runner number 119, came in pushing her infant child in a baby carriage in front of her. With so many members of the choir in attendance, even the cheering was melodic.

Martin Lane was the chairman of the event and he MCed the awards portion of the program. As he noted, "everyone was a winner."

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