Windsor Police Dept. holds recognition ceremony for Cadets

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Windsor - posted Thu., Oct. 3, 2013
The directors of the Windsor Cadet Program are Officer Bernard Petkis, associate Nicole Ivy and assistant Theodore Martinez. Photos by Lisa Stone.
The directors of the Windsor Cadet Program are Officer Bernard Petkis, associate Nicole Ivy and assistant Theodore Martinez. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The Advisory Board of the Windsor Police Cadets was proud to honor this year’s cadets with a recognition ceremony and dinner at the Windsor Town Hall on Sept. 25.

“This is a very worthwhile program,” said Officer Bernard Petkis. “We promote leadership and community service in this program. The cadets are involved in social events such as fairs, Shad Derby and other social gatherings. They learn how to direct traffic. They learn how to detect and handle a suspicious person or situation. They also run ropes courses and are put through a vigorous physical training program. I am very proud of these cadets.”

The age group for the Windsor cadets is 11 to 20 years old. They are not only put through physical training, but they are also taught how to handle a weapon, as well as drive a squad car. There are competitions that are held throughout the state during the year, in which the cadets can take part in shooting, driving and other tactical competitions.

Among the recognized cadets was Senior Cadet Jelisa Harvey, of Windsor.  “This is my fourth year with the Cadets,” said Harvey. “I am 20 years old, so this is my last year as a Cadet. I am going to college in Hartford for my justice degree. I will be applying to the Windsor police force as well as surrounding towns. I really want to be an office of the law. This is an exciting time in my life.”

Sgt. Hawthorne McIntosh said, “I have been a Cadet for three years now. I have learned a great deal in this program. I appreciate teamwork and I love being a part of something so great. I hope to be a police officer someday.” McIntosh was one of the Meritorious Service Award winners. This is an award that “recognizes members who, throughout the year, have consistently met the academic, attendance, disciplinary, fee, fine, and training requirements defined under good standing.”

Junior Cadets Allen-Greg McIntosh and Autiona Belt are in their first year of the program. “We learn a lot,” said Belt.

“I am really enjoying this. There is so much to do and feel proud of,” said Allen-Greg.

Cadet Tyler Richman said, “The Cadet program is an educational and developmental program. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

The William J. Clayton Memorial Scholarship Award was presented by the Windsor Police Cadets, the Windsor Police Employee Association and the Clayton family. This scholarship was set up in the memory of former Middletown Police Officer William J. Clayton. This year’s recipients were Senior Cadet Aaron Taplin, Senior Cadet Mike Decasperis and Senior Cadet Nick Dillon.

This year’s Superior Commitment Award was given to Acting Captain Patrick Dowd. This award recognizes a Cadet who maintains a “Top 10” in hours during all four review periods. The Superior Performance Award for exceptional performance went to Senior Cadet Aaron Taplin.

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