'Men of Glastonbury' calendar revealed by Chamber of Commerce

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer
Glastonbury - posted Fri., Oct. 4, 2013
Joe Jaconetta holds the calendar open to August 2014, which features a photo of himself, at the 'Men of Glastonbury Calendar' 'reveal' event on Oct. 3. Photos by Steve Smith.
Joe Jaconetta holds the calendar open to August 2014, which features a photo of himself, at the 'Men of Glastonbury Calendar' 'reveal' event on Oct. 3. Photos by Steve Smith.

Sixty-three men (and one baby) paraded across the red carpet at the “reveal” event for the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce's "Men of Glastonbury Calendar," at the Pond House Banquet facility on Oct. 3.

The calendar featured 17 photographs of local businessmen, who appear topless (in beach-appropriate attire). The models saw it as a way to promote their businesses and show their wares (wears?) while having fun.

Six Chamber member photographers – Peter Billard, Carrie Draghi, Elizabeth Taylor, Lynn Damon, Brian Ambrose, and Paul Misciagno – lent their services to the project.

At the event, each month of the 15-month calendar was introduced, and the photos were displayed on a large screen, as the models entered, down the staircase and onto the red carpet, to enthusiastic applause. A reception followed where family, friends and fans could get the models' autographs on copies of the calendar.

John Jacobs of Jacobs Financial Partners said he is a collector of music memorabilia, so his choice to pose holding a classic guitar was obvious. “I did it for the fun of it,” Jacobs said. “I thought it was an interesting thing to do.”

Jacobs said his photo shoot was in his office, and people were still working in the building. Chamber President Mary Ellen Dombrowski and Jacobs's wife stood lookout and made sure no one else peeked or interfered while Jacobs was being photographed. “They guarded and kept people away,” he said.

Damon said she brainstormed with her models and was pleased with the results.

Billard was both a photographer and a model, and produced a photo of himself. He employed his wife and son to help click the shutter after he set up his shot of himself in a speedo in his studio, partially covered by camera equipment.

“It prevented a lot of running back and forth,” Billard joked. “It was really fun to do.”

The participants seemed to agree that the project was worthwhile, and would not rule out a 2015 calendar. They also said the reveal event created much buzz, and then lived up to expectations.

“It's nice to see this many people come out for this, and I'd absolutely do it again,” Jacobs said.

“I wasn't sure about it in the beginning,” Damon said. “But, once I saw the businesses that were participating, I knew it was going to be a fun project. I think the Chamber is really stepping it up a notch with their marketing and fundraising.”

“I think it's a great turnout, and great enthusiasm with which people greeted the men of the calendar when they entered the room. It was very positive. There's a lot of good energy, and everyone is very supportive,” Billard said.

“It was received beyond our expectations,” Dombrowski said. “People were hooting, hollering and enjoying it. They stayed long after the program was over, to get autographs and meet the models. It couldn't have been more successful.”

Calendars are available for purchase at the Chamber office, and will also be available at the Apple Harvest Festival. Proceeds from the sale of the calendars will benefit the YMCA as well as the Chamber.

For more information, visit www.glastonburychamber.net.

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