South Windsor seniors attend Art Party

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
South Windsor - posted Wed., Oct. 9, 2013
Carol Bushey, Sandra Foley and Dorothy Lamberg finish the first stage of their artwork. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Carol Bushey, Sandra Foley and Dorothy Lamberg finish the first stage of their artwork. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The South Windsor Senior Center held an art party on Oct. 4, featuring works of art made from napkins. The artists did not have to have any experience, they just needed to want to make friends and have fun.

The project that the class was working on was a painting of a tree with beautiful fall-colored leaves. This was set against a painted black board that was to be the background for the autumn setting. “The leaves in the tree are from decorative napkins,” said instructor Debbie Boemmels. “The ladies really liked the way their leaves looked once they were applied to the black board. You don’t need to spend a fortune or be the most talented artist to do this project. All of the pieces of work are coming along great. It will take another week to finish the projects, but everyone should be very happy when they are done.”

Classmates Carol Bushey, Sandra Foley and Dorothy Lamberg are very happy that they took the class. “Debbie is wonderful,” said Foley. “She is a very talented lady and she is so patient with us.”

Bushey added, “She is a different teacher. She is very enthusiastic and helpful. That makes the class that much more fun.”

The art class got together for a group photo and displayed their works of art. The general feel of the day was that they all wished they could do it all again. “This gives us something to look forward to,” said Ginette Barone. “Debbie is very talented. I love watching her work. I feel great that I have a place to go and meet up with my friends and share some laughs. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the leaves from the napkins looked when they were applied. I can’t wait until it’s done.”

“I am retired and I want to keep busy,” said Boemmels. “I love art and I truly enjoy being creative. I worked with geriatrics for over 25 years, so I am accustomed to being around seniors, and that really makes me happy. What I would like to accomplish through this class is getting people to use their creative side," she said.

"I have a project that I do in five minutes and I passed it along to the class," Boemmels explained. "You take a small decorative pumpkin and spray paint it with a color of your choice. I chose black. Then cut and apply small leaves from decorative napkins with glue. Sprinkle glitter or whatever kind of decoration you choose on the top of the pumpkin. You are done in five minutes and it looks great.”

The Senior Center keeps the seniors busy with several programs and events. For more information on upcoming events, call 860-648-6361.

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