Walt Disney World holds local auditions for dancers and performers

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Glastonbury - posted Wed., Oct. 9, 2013
Kerry Dussault had auditioned for Disney early in the morning. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Kerry Dussault had auditioned for Disney early in the morning. Photos by Lisa Stone.

Disney Creative Entertainment came to the Greater Hartford Dance Academy on Oct. 6 in search of talented people to audition for entertainment roles at Walt Disney World Resort.

Hundreds of dancers and performers tried out for a chance to join the Walt Disney World College Program. The dancers were asked to learn a quick routine, and then, on the instructor’s cue, they were to perform the dance. Two rounds of cuts were made before the fortunate dancers were chosen.

“I was cut in the first round,” said Kaitlin Parliament. “It was really nice to be able to audition. Even though I was cut, I had a great time. Many tried out and only a few would be chosen, so the odds were against me, but that’s fine. It was fun just the same.”

Kerry Dussault was one of the dancers that were released after the first round of cuts. “I had a blast,” said Dussault. “I wish I made it, but that’s the way it goes. I worked for Disney when I was going to college and I had a wonderful time. They are a great company to work for. Maybe some time in the future, it will happen. For now, I will continue pursuing my dancing career through other avenues.”

The dancers were asked to learn parade marching and dance as if they had a heavy costume on. Disney wanted to make sure that the dancers were right for their company. “We want people who will promote our family atmosphere and be good at the job they are asked to do,” said talent casting director Kent Murrish.

The company was also looking for female princess look-alikes for performances and meet-and-greets. They were also auditioning for full-time character performers. This would entail being in a costume for a long period of time. The performers would be asked to participate in parades that run through the park, day and night. The requirements of the employee would be to bring the character that they are portraying to life. This would include improvisational skills, grace while interacting with the crowd and being courteous to park-goers while remembering to represent what Disney World is all about: family fun.

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