Graywall Farm hosts Columbus Day Walktober event

By Melanie Savage - Staff Writer
Lebanon - posted Tue., Oct. 15, 2013
Graywall Farm cows share lunch with some European starlings. Photos by Melanie Savage.
Graywall Farm cows share lunch with some European starlings. Photos by Melanie Savage.

Two new large, forest green storage pods stood conspicuously in front of the milking barn at Graywall Farm on Oct. 14. Robin Chesmer, who led one of the tours during a Columbus Day Walktober event, explained the appearance of the pods. The storage units, he said, contained all of the elements necessary to produce cheese on site. Fresh local cheese will soon be added to the list of products available through Farmer’s Cow farms, explained Chesmer.

The Farmer’s Cow collaborative, encompassing six local Connecticut farms, has grown to offer a product list that includes milk, eggs, half and half, cream, coffee, apple cider, ice cream, summer beverages, chocolate milk, ice cream sandwiches and (soon) ricotta cheese. The Farmer’s Cow Calfé and Creamery, in Storrs, offers Farmer’s Cow products as well as a menu of fresh breakfast and lunch items.

“When we started in business eight years ago, they said we needed to be able to articulate what we do,” said Chesmer. The farmers came up with a simple jingle that described their roles in the business. The marketing people didn’t like it, said Chesmer. But the farmers persisted, and the jingle stayed. “That jingle has turned out to be a great marketing tool,” said Chesmer. “Anyone know it?” When none of his visitors were forthcoming, Chesmer sang the jingle himself. “We are the farmers who work the land and grow the crops to feed the cows that give the milk… for you to enjoy,” sang Chesmer, leading his group off on a tour of the farm.

Lebanon’s Graywall Farm is run by Robin Chesmer and his son, Lincoln. The Chesmers currently milk approximately 550 cows on 700 acres of owned land, and tend approximately 600 acres of corn and 500 acres of grass. For more information about Graywall, and the other farms within the Farmer’s Cow collaborative, go to

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