Fire Truck Day held at Enfield Public Library

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Enfield - posted Thu., Oct. 17, 2013
Kyle and Sarah Leveille took Kyle, Jr., for a day of exploration of fire trucks and equipment. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Kyle and Sarah Leveille took Kyle, Jr., for a day of exploration of fire trucks and equipment. Photos by Lisa Stone.

Enfield Public Library had a parking lot full of firefighters, fire trucks and spectators during its Fire Truck Day on Oct. 12, with children running from truck to truck to explore and learn all they could.

Firefighters Chris Davis, Joseph Kara and Tom McGuire handed out fire hats to the children and showed off their Shaker Pines fire truck to all the visitors. The guests were able to enter the cab of the truck and see what it would be like to drive the rig. That was a dream come true for 3-year-old John, who already wants to be a firefighter. “John loves fire trucks,” said his father, David Hunt. “This is a very exciting day for John. He needed this day as a distraction. He just became a big brother to our daughter, Amelie Clara. She was born on October 9 and he is feeling a bit left out. This event came at a perfect time. My wife, Heike, agreed that this would be a very special memory for John. This is great.”

The firefighters educated the public about fire safety. The event took place during Fire Safety Week, so they were eager to teach people how to handle fires and, more importantly, how to prevent them. The fire department encourages everyone to have an escape route in case of a fire. They also were willing to share information about the department and all of the equipment. “Fire engines have pumps for water,” said Kara. “Fire trucks have aerial equipment on the trucks such as ladders and lifts.”

The Enfield fire departments are comprised of both full-time firefighters and volunteers. Every department has its own standards, but each shift has between four and eight firefighters at all times. “The Enfield fire departments are involved with programs such as child car seat safety, the spring truck event, and the third-grade fire safety program, which is taught by Thompsonville Fire Department’s Vinnie Grady,” said Davis.

“Jack Flanagan was the coordinator for the event,” said children’s library programs coordinator Lisa Ellis. “He arranged for six trucks to be at the event, but two of the trucks were called away for an emergency. This is an annual event, and this year we have had a much larger crowd. I know the amount of spectators was over 300 for the day. The families really enjoy coming out for the trucks and riding the lifts.”

David Dube of Enfield took his sons, Mathew, Kyle and Luke, to see the trucks. “The boys really liked being able to climb inside the trucks,” said Dube. “We waited for a while in line for a chance to ride the lift. It was worth it.”

Benjamin Walker had his dad, Richard, take him up on the lift and get inside the trucks. “My wife uses the library a lot,” said Richard. “When she saw that there was going to be a Fire Truck Day, she knew we had to take Ben. He loves trucks, especially fire trucks. He will have good dreams tonight.”

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