Art show held at Enfield Square Mall

By Lisa Stone
Enfield - posted Thu., Oct. 24, 2013
art show at Enfield Square Mall
Kelly and Grace Mazza of East Longmeadow took Donna Mason of Chicopee to view the works of art that were created by artists, Janet Miller and Jane Barrientos. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The Enfield Cultural Arts Commission presented an exhibit called ‘Artists at the Crossroads’ at the Enfield Square Mall on Oct. 19. Artists that that participated in the show included Diane Denehy, Donna Shaw, Darlene Duncan, Jackie Griswold, Lynn Miller, Jane Barrientos, Janet Miller, Joan Barnard, E.E. Eidman, Steve Walbridge and Sue Newman.

The exhibit was positioned by the Macy’s store at center court in the mall. Rows of artwork filled the area. Many people stopped  to look at how beautiful the artwork was and some chose to take a piece of that beauty home with them. “I did pretty well today,” said Duncan. “People seem to really enjoy what they see and that makes me very happy. I love being a part of this organization. We are all friends and that makes any event that much more fun.”
A friend of Miller, Kelly Mazza took her daughter, Grace, and her mother, Donna Mason, to the mall to support her. “I have known Janet for a very long time,” said Mazza. “I am a very big fan of her work. I wanted to show my support and take in the art show.”
Miller is a Windsor resident and has been an artist for more than 30 years. “I really enjoy what I do,” said Miller. “That’s a good thing, since I have been painting since I can remember.”

Barrientos is an artist from West Springfield, Mass. “I love what I do. It is a huge part of me,” said Barrientos. “I love to teach art classes. I am not as much of a fan of the pastels,” she admitted, “since they are so powdery, and I find them harder to work with than, say pencils or oil paints. Watercolor is a bit harder to work with than oil paint because you are not able to just wipe it off. It is a very unforgiving media. With oil paint, I can work on the painting, walk away for a few moments to work on something else or talk with people, and when I go back to my work, it is still able to work with me.”

The Artists of the Crossroads is a group of artists that were once a part of another art organization. That group disbursed and approximately 12 artists decided to make their own group. They enjoyed each other’s company during events and meetings, and they live within a relatively short distance from one another.

The Artists of the Crossroads include several types of artists. Some of them paint, others draw, and still others use sculpture along with painting for a raised painting that becomes a three dimensional piece of artwork.

Shaw was displaying a cross section of artwork. Some watercolor paintings were on hand for viewing as well as mixed media pieces and pen and ink drawings. “I am available for painting requests,” said Shaw. “People sometimes want a portrait done and don’t know where to turn. I would be happy to help them with a project like that.”

Photographer, Bob Lyke was admiring the art show pieces. “I am a photographer myself and I would like to see what other people do with their talents,” he said. “Everything here is very beautiful. I’m glad I came out to see it.”

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