Children build Lego creations at South Windsor library

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
South Windsor - posted Mon., Oct. 28, 2013
Joshua, Samir and Mika Hassan begin to build their creations made of Lego blocks. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Joshua, Samir and Mika Hassan begin to build their creations made of Lego blocks. Photos by Lisa Stone.

Children built their own creations from Lego blocks at South Windsor Public Library on Oct. 19. The library proudly displays the children’s works in a display case for one month for all residents to see and admire.

Library volunteer Alex Andrusis is 15 years old. He oversees the day’s events. “Usually there are a dozen kids for the Lego build,” said Andrusis. “Today seems to be slow because there are so many other events going on today. We will have fun either way. I will help the kids find whatever piece of Legos they are looking for and help them build whatever they come up with.”

Joshua, Samir and Mikah Hassan are happy to be playing with the Legos. “I am building a jet plane,” said Joshua as he dug down deep to find the pieces he was looking for. His brothers started tearing through the bins as well. “I don’t know what I am going to build, but it’s fun to do,” said Samir. Even though the age group was to be from five years old and up, there was no telling Mikah that he was too young to play with the Legos.

The room started to fill with excitement. “Look at the piece I found,” said Samir. “I want to build a house and a car,” said six-year-old, Meredith Hagar. “This is fun. I love to play with Legos,” said Hagar. “My daddy has Legos from when he was a kid. I play with those.” Hagar’s mom said, “We usually come to the library during the weekend. When we got here and saw there was a Lego event going on, we had to be a part of that. Meredith really likes Lego Friends.”

The library is a place that kids can become actively involved with one activity or another. The Lego Build was no exception.

The library is sponsoring a program that is designed to help the South Windsor Food Bank. If a patron owes a fine, they are encouraged to come into the library by Oct. 26 with a non-perishable food item for donation, and the library will waive the fines.

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