Committee hopes to create a local home for disc golf course

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Stafford Springs - posted Mon., Oct. 28, 2013
The attendees were anxious to learn the next phase of the process. Photo by Lisa Stone.
The attendees were anxious to learn the next phase of the process. Photo by Lisa Stone.

The sport of disc golf may soon have a home in Stafford Springs through the efforts of a handful of local residents.

The Stafford Springs Disc Golf Committee met Oct. 10 to undertake plans for a disc golf course in town. The committee has acquired some town land for the course at Dennis Pond on Ice House Road.

Disc golf is a fairly new sport that has only been around for about 20 years. The game involves throwing a flying disc through cleared and rough terrain, with the goal of sinking the disc into a chain basket. The sport gets its name from the course’s similarity to a golf course. A full course contains 18 baskets, but a short course can consist of only nine baskets, with a cement tee-off pad measuring about  five by eight feet.

The committee currently consists of Stafford Selectman Neil Hoss, organizer Karl Molitoris and about eight other community members. The committee is looking for donations to help offset the cost of the clearing of the course, creating of the tee-pads, buying and installing baskets, beautifying the area, creating a parking area and other such expenses. They are also seeking sponsors to purchase baskets for approximately $750 each, with the sponsor’s name appearing on the basket. Committee members hope that potential business sponsors could consider the expense as an  advertising cost.

Tentative plans are underway to begin work on the course in early November. The committee is also seeking volunteers to assist with the removal of brush and other cleanup efforts. “Maybe someone with substrate experience would offer some assistance to our group,” said Molitoris. “If we can raise some money and get people to assist us for the tax benefits in lieu of money, we can be up and running soon.” Other committee members suggested enlisting Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops to help with the task.

“This is a sport that can be played in all types of weather, so the winter will not stop us from being able to enjoy the course,” Molitoris said. “Once people get to know what the sport is all about, they will want to be a part of our group.”

Hoss said that Mike Duquette from the Conservation Committee has walked the proposed course and told committee members that he is “anxious to help us with our quest, so we need to get started with fundraising very soon.”

The committee will also be researching the insurance needs involved in creating and operating the course, Hoss said. “We want to be sure we have all of our ducks in a row,” he said.

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