Donations to Nothing But Nets will help fight malaria in Africa

By Dr. Jamie Roach-Decker
Colchester - posted Tue., Oct. 29, 2013
- Contributed Photo

Thank you, Colchester! The mosquito on the Town Green is now colored in red, signifying that 16 percent of the goal of 1,000 nets has been achieved. This is due to the generosity of you, the citizens of Colchester, and the Colchester Rotary, which donated $1,000. The Rotary Club has also sent out an appeal to area Rotaries to match their donation. We hope their generosity will inspire others to spend $10 to send a net to the Cape area of Africa.

This money goes 100 percent to Nothing But Nets, which has partnered with the United Nations in this life-saving effort. Your donation takes the net from the factory to the village in Africa, with no administrative costs.

It is the female nocturnal mosquito that carries malaria, so a 90-percent reduction in deaths has occurred in the countries that have been provided with the nets.

To make a donation, send a check made out to Nothing But Nets to 107 Melanie Lane, Colchester, CT 06415 or online at Click “search for netraiser” on right of screen, then enter “Colchester” in the team search location. Click on the “Colchester” name when it appears, and this will take you to the donation page.

Since it is Make a Difference Month, this is a small thing you can do to make a big difference. If each family could donate one net, we will reach our goal easily. Let’s save some lives and make a difference in the world!

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