South Windsor library offers ‘goofy’ zombie-preparedness program

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
South Windsor - posted Thu., Oct. 31, 2013
Shamik Soni gets a zombie make-over by librarian Debra Newbury. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Shamik Soni gets a zombie make-over by librarian Debra Newbury. Photos by Lisa Stone.

The South Windsor Public Library offered a tongue-in-cheek, pre-Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness program Oct. 23, with zombie-themed entertainment, refreshments and fun activities. The Michael Jackson music video, “Thriller,” set the tone for the evening's program and offered some inspiration for zombie looks created with makeup and face paint.

Local kids daring enough to brave the night were treated to a zombie survival kit, which came fully-equipped with a pencil (to poke out a zombie's eye), a Chinese finger lock (to secure the zombie), a fake scar tattoo, zombie eye patches (to avoid zombies by blending in), and a paddle ball game shaped like a zombie’s hand. The kit also included some candy shaped like “body parts” just for fun.

Zoey Roland was among the zombie enthusiasts in attendance. “I love how goofy the night is,” she said. “This is a perfect thing to be doing on a cold night like this. This is definitely a fun night.”

“This is a cool night,” said Kelly Kozon, as she and her friend, Vicky Cole, rummaged through their survival kits.

Shamik Soni was excited about getting his face painted. “My friends were supposed to come with me tonight, but they changed their minds,” he said. “I guess they just didn’t want to see us eating brains.”

Librarian Debra Newbury sat Soni in her chair and began to transform him into a Zombie look-alike. Within a few minutes, Soni was no longer recognizable.

“The most important thing to remember when encountering a zombie is that it is always a good idea to try to blend in as best you can,” said Newbury. “If you look like one, they will leave you alone. If they come at you, poke their eyes out and lock their fingers together.”

Sai Manasani and Bhavana Gunda were having a blast. Gunda said, “I never expected the library to have a zombie program.”

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