Girls and their dolls learn about arts and crafts

By Merja H. Lehtinen - ReminderNews
Colchester - posted Mon., Nov. 4, 2013
Lilly and her grandmother (right) enjoyed the day together. Photos by Merja H. Lehtinen.
Lilly and her grandmother (right) enjoyed the day together. Photos by Merja H. Lehtinen.

American Girl dolls are special to many children: they are not just beautiful, but they each have their own stories, and encourage their human owners to make friends from all walks of life and learn new things about each other.

On Saturday, Oct. 26, about 80 girls and their dolls gathered as Colchester Federated Church was transformed into an art studio for “Saturday at Saige’s Studio for Girls and Their Dolls.” They learned about artists and different types of arts and craft studios, ranging from photography to pottery and sewing crafts. The girls and their dolls went from studio to studio in the church basement hall to learn about a craft presented by a team of members of the Federated Church and the Ladies Auxiliary.

Cheryl Anderson, a lifelong member of the church who was recently ordained as a pastor, was showing the children how to use a cookie cutter type of mold to make tiny pottery pieces. Others were displaying sewing techniques or teaching about photography. Jamie and her doll Kanani were thrilled to be having a picture taken, as was Ashley and her doll Sage. Children and their dolls came from all around the area for an American Girl afternoon, which is usually a more staid "tea." Saturday, it was all action, with the girls learning to be artists at studios and engaging in the activities.

But the display that caught the attention of everyone was decidedly the shoes. There were rows of different shoes - more than 100 in all - that girls could buy for their dolls. There were racks and racks of doll clothes available, too.

Desiree Martino of Colchester said it was her daughter's second time at the American Girl doll event. "We enjoyed it last year, so we came back. She loves her American Girl doll. Once a year on her birthday, we even go to New York City to the American Girl doll store."

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