Young adult authors’ fair held at library

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Enfield - posted Tue., Nov. 12, 2013
Mother and daughter team Ariel and Donna Carson created their labor of love, ‘The Mystery of the Grimly Manor.’ Photos by Lisa Stone.
Mother and daughter team Ariel and Donna Carson created their labor of love, ‘The Mystery of the Grimly Manor.’ Photos by Lisa Stone.

Local children’s and young adult authors came together to meet fans and sign book at the Enfield Public Library on Nov. 2. The authors in attendance were Karen Casale, Denise Steele, June Greig, Donna Carson, Katy Lee, Dawn Metcalf, P.J. Sharon and J. Monkeys.

The community room was filled with authors who were ready to sign their books and discuss them with their fans. “Never Let a Ghost Borrow Your Library Book” is the title of Karen Casale’s book. Casale is presently working at JFK Middle School’s library. “When I worked at Henry Barnard School, I looked to see if there were any books that talked about the responsibility of returning library books,” said Casale. “I couldn’t find anything that came close to giving the children the message about being responsible for the books that they borrow. That is when I decided to write my book. It was published in 2012 by Upstart Books.”

Denise Steele self-published her books, “I Will Take Care of You” and “E-Mail Pals.” Steele said, “My first book was about children getting sick with different illnesses, but nothing too drastic. In each scenario, someone is there to take care of them and nurse them back to health. The idea is that children should know that when they are hurt or ill, someone will always be there to help them when they need it… The second book is to help children that have to move away from their friends. In my book, two friends end up living in different cities. Because of e-mailing, they are able to remain close and they each get to learn about the other friend’s city.”

A golden retriever named Bailey was June Greig’s inspiration for writing her book, “A Dog to Remember.” “People become so attached to their animals,” said Greig. “They become a member of the family, so when they pass, the bereavement they feel is genuine. Friends don’t know how to express their compassion for the loss of someone’s pets, so I thought that my book would help them to get their message across in a kind a cute way. My dog, Bailey, passed and I was devastated. That is the inspiration that I drew on when I wrote this book.” She now has another dog named Cooper.

A mother-daughter team made “The Mystery of Grimly Manor” a success. Donna Wren Carson wrote the book with the input from daughter, Ariel. “I first wrote the book when Ariel was 10 years old,” said Carson. “I found that my writing sounded like a 40-year-old wrote it, so I would ask Ariel how she would word something or how she would feel about a particular situation. I rewrote it with the tone of a 10-year-old’s voice. Ariel is very artistic. I had her do the illustrations for the book. I am so proud of the book because it is a piece of both of us.”

Dawn Metcalf writes dark fantasy novels for teens. Metcalf did some research and found that there were no Latino heroes. She created such a hero by the name of Consuela Chavez in the book, “Luminous.” “I made Consuela a Latino super hero who is from a wealthy town in the mid-west,” said Metcalf. “I wanted to break several stereotypes. I feel that this book does a great job at doing exactly that.”

For information on the author’s works, visit the websites: P.J. Sharon,; Katy Lee,; June Greig,; Denise Steele,; Donna Wren Carson,; Dawn Metcalf,; J. Monkeys,; Karen Casale, call 800-448-4887.

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