Coventry man arrested by Secret Service for threats against President Obama and his family

By Melanie Savage - Staff Writer
Coventry - posted Fri., Nov. 22, 2013
Joshua Klimas has been accused of making threats against the president of the United States. Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

A 32-year-old Coventry man was arrested on Nov. 20 by the U.S. Secret Service, charged with making threats against President Barack Obama. Joshua Klimas was enrolled at the time of the incident as an engineering student at UConn. Using the alias of “John Q. Public,” Klimas is accused of submitting a message in June through the website that threatened the lives of the president and his family.

“This message is to inform you that the actions you are taking against the American people and against the constitution have shown you to be a traitor against this country and all it stands for,” read the message, according to an arrest warrant produced by the Secret Service. “For these actions against my fellow Americans your family and you have been targeted as enemies of the state and will be dealt with with EXTREME PREJUDICIOUS (sic) if you do not resign from your position and execute yourself for treason. I will not rest until you are either behind bars or a pile of ashes as you do not even deserve to be buried on these great lands…If you do not resign by the end of the year I will kill you!” reads the message.

Klimas has a history of mental health treatment, according to the warrant, and had previously made threats against a former roommate. He also came to the attention of UConn police in early 2013 for sending threatening e-mails to one of his professors.

“Have a good weekend and know that I am not happy, and I am not someone that will walk silently away when I am not happy,” wrote Klimas in that e-mail. “Also don’t ever threaten me again because you have no idea what I used to do for a living before I came to school.”

According to the arrest warrant, Klimas has been suspended from UConn and is no longer allowed on campus. According to a press release, Klimas was ordered to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

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