Local home filled with holiday cheer

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Windsor - posted Wed., Nov. 27, 2013
George Saponare looks on as his snowman decoration plays music and lights up. Photos by Lisa Stone.
George Saponare looks on as his snowman decoration plays music and lights up. Photos by Lisa Stone.

Windsor resident George Saponare brings a smile to everyone’s face when they come to the holiday wonderland that is his home. Upon entering the foyer, it is obvious that Christmas is a very special holiday to Saponare. There are several scenes and displays of typical holiday characters that fill the entryway, and that theme carries throughout the entire house.

“I have always loved to decorate and antiques,” said Saponare. “Since Christmas was very important to me, I thought, ‘Why not combine the things I love?’ and that is what started all of this.” Saponare is continuously adding to his collection. At the end of each season, he goes hunting for just the right addition for his next year’s displays. Many of the decorations are designer-quality items, so when he was asked how much he figured that he had spent on all the decorations, the reply was, “Probably much more than I would want to know.”

Money is clearly not the issue for Saponare. He wants his home to bring his friends and family joy over the holidays, so he searches for just the right piece that could enhance that mood. The work to construct such as place of happiness takes a great deal of time. According to Saponare, he begins decorating two weeks before Halloween and it takes even longer to put everything away. “I have a great housekeeper,” boasted Saponare. “She is very patient with me and really helps me out quite a bit.”

Several years back, Saponare began his decorating, but it was intended to be just for him and his friends and family. Over the years, they commented several times that it is such a shame to keep such beauty hidden from others. With the encouragement of loved ones, Saponare began his quest to extend the love and happiness of the season to the public. “I still have my family over for a holiday dinner and my friends for drinks and desserts, but now, I have opened my home to the public as well,” said Saponare. “I allow people to come and see the decorations and bring their friends and family members as well. A lot of the neighbors have grandchildren that come to visit and they really love seeing all of this.”

Saponare - a retired English teacher of 32 years at Newington High School – said he really cares about people. With such a large turnout for his winter wonderland experience, he thought that he could do something even better for the community. For the past four years, he has asked that people donate non-perishable food items for Foodshare. His open house hours are Dec. 7 and 8 and Dec. 14 and 15 from 1 to 5 p.m. All are welcome at 234 Kenswick Lane in Windsor.

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