Welles-Turner hosts its first ‘Creative Salon’

By Lisa Stone - ReminderNews
Glastonbury - posted Tue., Nov. 26, 2013
Friends Debbie Martin and Babs Liverant help Kay Bouchard to display her crochet project. Photos by Lisa Stone.
Friends Debbie Martin and Babs Liverant help Kay Bouchard to display her crochet project. Photos by Lisa Stone.

On Nov. 17, the Welles-Turner Memorial Library’s doors were open to crafters of all ages and interests who gathered for a day of creative experiences. The Creative Salon was a collaborative effort between the library’s head of adult’s services, Debbie Martin, and co-chair Ping Wood that got people together to do the things they love in the company of other crafters.

“We had people that made beads, crocheted scenes, quilts, bracelets, greeting cards and more,” said Wood. “People really like to make things with other crafters. It makes it a lot more fun than doing it by yourself.” Martin and Wood's goal was to strengthen community through common interests.

“If people spend time together and share interests that makes for a greater environment and a stronger community," said Wood. "The library has wonderful resources like books and computers with Internet access, so this is an exceptional place to learn just about anything.”

Kay Bouchard, who attended the Creative Salon, said she has been working on a very special crocheting project. “In March of 2009, I bought this crochet book for $.25 at the East Hartford Senior Center,” said Bouchard. “I was looking through it and saw the project for The Last Supper, and I just knew that would be a wonderful project for me. I thought that I would make it for someone that was getting married. When my daughter, Deanna, found out about the project, she told me that she had dibs on it," Bouchard said, adding that she has two other daughters, so she plans to make two other projects when this one is finished. She plans to do The Praying Hands and The Lord kneeling by a rock. "I just hope that I will be allowed to stay on Earth long enough to complete these projects,” she said.

Carole Noble works at the library. She enlisted her friends, Jan Rousseau and Judi Jecker to join her for the Creative Salon. “It’s fun to do crafts with others,” said Jecker. Everyone seemed to be very happy to have refreshments available in addition to having enough room to spread out and work on whatever projects they were doing.

Martin said she was thrilled that so many people had shown up for the program. “We had such a great response that we are going to try to do it again in February. I am looking forward to the next session. People really seem to respond to the fact that they can do different projects and still be part of a group of people with similar interests.”

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